How Amy Lost 50 LBS. in 6 Months with Pure Plates

We are always incredibly proud and excited to see women like Amy not only achieve her goal, but also feel and experience the results of eating clean, having discipline and taking good care of herself.

Amy recently emailed us to tell us how she had lost 50 lbs. working with one of our nutrition coaches. Here is her testimonial: 

"COVID really freaked me out and I wanted to get healthy.  I had tried on my own before to lose weight and failed, so I knew I needed some help. I saw an ad online and read reviews and I wanted to lose 50 pounds by Spring. I found your program and gave it a try. 

I tried in March/April of 2020 and stopped when I wasn’t sure about the economy and my job...but I knew the program was good from that experience and came back in August when things were secure, and I knew I was able to make it work. I started Aug 24th, 2020 and its now March 11, 2021 and I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished my goal! 

Some days are easy and other are hard...but I have learned it’s a lifestyle change, and I had to change my relationship with food. I love family loves food, all of our gatherings revolve around food, so picking and choosing when I eat the Pure Plates meals and if I cheat a little has been hard. But I would allow myself a "cheat" meal every now and then, but ONLY if I had reached a goal I had set.

I now exercise more; I have a new style in clothes (NEVER used to wear leggings) and I plan to travel more.

It’s not easy, but if you want it and are willing to work you can do it!"


how did Amy do it?

when she contacted us, he had a free consultation with our wellness coaches who put her on a  customized meal plan, and she hit the ground running with life-changing results. 

And it can happen to you as well!

We provide you with all the tools and nutritional support you need, and we’ll also hold you accountable!

Summer is upon us.

Don't go another year wishing you had done something.

Make the decision and start now!

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