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Why Calorie Counting is Not Always the Best Thing

by Allison Tallman on

Calorie counting.. yuck! Take away your stress and anxieties around counting calories and let Pure Plates nourish and fuel your day to day. Read more

The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

by Allison Tallman on

We're always hearing the term "plant-based" these days. What does this really mean and how does it impact our health? Learn more here! Read more

Lose the Fad Diets, Get Back to the Basics

by Allison Tallman on

Fans of fad diets will try to convince you they know best, including all the latest science and buzzwords that will make you hop onto the fad diet train. But the secret? They’re all designed to fail.  Read more

How Amy Lost 50 LBS. in 6 Months with Pure Plates

by Tim Tialdo on

We are always incredibly proud and excited to see women like Amy not only achieve her goal, but also feel and experience the results of eating clean, having discipline and taking good care of herself.

Amy recently emailed us to tell us how she had lost 50 lbs. working with one of our nutrition coaches. Here is her testimonial: 

Read more

The Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

by Hannah Ash on

Want to lose weight and find a diet plan that will help you do it? From Weight Watchers, to low-carb diets, to paleo, vegan, and keto -- there’s an abundance of diet plans that someone somewhere swears is the magic bullet for weight loss. The problem is, and it’s a big problem: the majority of diet plans out there today are skating by based on ancedetodal, not evidence-based, facts. Read more