About Us

 The Dream

Years ago, I had a question: "Why was it so difficult to find fresh, high-quality, healthy and convenient food options?"
My name is Sean Sortor and my wife Michele and I have twin daughters, multiple businesses and try to live a healthy lifestyle so we understand the need for convenience especially when it comes to eating. This is what prompted our launch of Pure Plates. We understand the struggles that people go through trying to eat healthy and maintain a busy lifestyle.

About Pure Plates

What started Pure Plates as an entrepreneurial experiment in 2015 quickly grew into much more. It started with a simple idea & our mission remains the same: Create high-quality, healthy, convenient food that I would want to buy for myself and my family. 
It’s more than just healthy food.
It’s a lifestyle.

How Is Pure Plates Different? 

About Pure Plates

Since we opened in early 2015, we have worked extremely hard to create a place for people to experience pre-portioned, health conscious meals that are convenient, delicious and nutritious. Our preparation begins with the highest quality ingredients available. Our menu offers a wide selection of meals, drinks and snacks that are made fresh daily, portion controlled, and nutritionally balanced.
Our meals are chef created with organically sourced produce, organic grains, clean meats free from steroids, hormones or antibiotics as well as fresh ground seasoning and spices (over 40 types to be exact). We cook only with organic extra virgin olive oil (under 400 degrees), organic avocado oil (under 500 degrees) and organic coconut oil. As for what is NOT in our meals… NO added sugar, NO Canola or Processed Vegetable Oils. Our entire menu is 100% GLUTEN FREE along with no preservatives AND our meals are NEVER frozen.

Healthy Ingredients: It’s all About the Sourcing

About Pure Plates

When it comes to the sourcing our meal ingredients, we are exceptionally picky. From our internal team of chefs and dietitians to our trusted food suppliers, we’ve created a menu that is nearly 100% organic, 100% Gluten Free and unlike any restaurant out there, we literally add NO sugars or sodium to our meals.
About Pure Plates
We also make our entire Pure Plates menu in house so that we know what goes in our food and where it comes from. This commitment produces strong, successful results for our guests and ensures they are getting exactly what we say they are getting in “healthy” food. It’s this promise that drives everything we do.

Total Transparency

When it comes to the nutritional information on our labels, we hide nothing from our guests. We’re honored that you’ve trusted us to help you make healthy and delicious choices. In return, we will always be totally transparent and passionate about holding ourselves to a higher standard. 
There are no bad choices in our stores. We make sure of it. We do this through an unwavering commitment to getting things right. The right partnerships. The right ingredients. The right balance. With a strong affinity towards clean, healthy living, we are obsessed with delivering a modern convenience that suits all lifestyles and dietary needs.
We begin by sourcing local produce when possible and holding our suppliers to the highest levels of food quality integrity. The heat ‘n eat meals are prepared at the height of freshness and without any additives or preservatives. Pure Plates delivers balance to the body and allows it to restore health and vitality allowing it to function at the level you deserve to be at.

Keeping it Personal 

About Pure Plates About Pure Plates

Even as we grow, one thing that I’ve always wanted for Pure Plates is to maintain the personal touch. We don’t try to make Pure Plates look like a big corporation. We are as transparent as possible. No matter how big Pure Plates gets, I always want to be accessible to customers. I love connecting with people in our Stores, on Social Media and via our Website.

What’s Next 

Ever since the beginning, Pure Plates has been about my passion for helping people get healthier and not getting “duped” buy all the “healthy” marketing claims out there. We’ve grown in a lot of ways, but at our core, we’re still the same. Every single meal we create is still personally approved by me for nutrition, taste and portion size. 
It’s still the stories of people losing weight, getting healthier and feeling better about themselves that fuels me to keep going. Pure Plates will always remain a health-driven brand where transparency, quality and convenience come first.

The Face Behind the Brand

About Pure Plates

I’m Sean. 

I live in Chesterfield, MO, with my wife, two daughters and our dog Gregory, he is a Papillon Chihuahua mix.

Here are 4 other things you should know about me:


My favorite Pure Plates Meal is the Ginger Chicken Bowl (Chances are I’m eating it right now as you read this)


I am right handed


I am a youth Soccer coach for my daughters Soccer Teams


I’ve been a Triathlete for 10 years and have competed in over 40 races.