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How Do Pure Plates
Keto Meal Plans Work?

Our Keto Meal plans eliminate guesswork in adopting a keto lifestyle. The keto diet transforms your body metabolically from sugar-burning to fat-burning, offering increased energy. Additionally, the diet possesses anti-inflammatory properties, bringing forth a range of benefits beyond weight loss.


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How You’ll Benefit from one of our 5 Day Done-For-You Customized Meal Plans

Weight Loss

On a keto diet, substantial weight loss can occur rapidly, particularly for individuals initially overweight or obese. Studies indicate that this nutritional approach effectively promotes weight loss and improves cardiovascular health.

Fight Type 2 Diabetes

The ketogenic diet eliminates carbohydrates from the diet, keeping the body's carbohydrate stores nearly empty. This prevents excessive release of fat storage hormones after food consumption and maintains normal blood sugar levels.

Fight Heart Disease

The keto diet may decrease heart disease risk by addressing high cholesterol and triglycerides. Surprisingly, despite its high fat content, the keto diet is unlikely to adversely affect cholesterol levels.

Fight Neurological Disorders

For the last century, ketogenic diets treated and potentially reversed neurological disorders and cognitive impairments, such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's symptoms. Research indicates that a very low-carb diet, cutting off glucose levels, prompts your body to produce ketones for fuel.

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Your Healthy Transformation Begins NOW! Forget the shopping, cooking, knowledge, and stress of trying to meal plan for yourself! Lose Weight, Feel Better, and Perform Better.

what customers are saying...

I've been using Pure Plates for 17 or 18 days now and I lost 20 pounds and feel fantastic!

-Mike H.

For someone just beginning my Keto journey, it sounded pretty overwhelming till I came across these meal plans! Thank you for making it so easy to follow!

-Rachel F.


I'm 50 years old and was pretty unsure of how to eat this way. The learning curve seemed steep and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. These meal plans took that fear away for me and I’m in week 3 and have lost 9 lbs!

-Jeff T.


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