Alcohol, sugar, processed food, and caffeine cause adrenal fatigue. Eliminating them gives glands a break. Nutrient-rich meals heal.


Five-day diet removes flour, dairy, sugar, processed foods for quick weight loss with organic whole foods.


Eating healthy food clears mind, improves clarity, avoiding sugar and fat boosts energy and focus.

How it works

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Real results from our customers

What I really love about Pure Plates is that they pack in a lot of nutrients into every single meal. I’ll admit, I’m normally really bad at eating my veggies. But I’m getting in tons of veggies in a delicious way! I also love the convenience! I’m a busy mom of 2 boys and we are always on the go and Pure Plates has allowed me to get in nutritious meals without spending tons of time meal prepping or worrying about counting my food to stay on track. I’m so excited to continue my journey!”

Hey, My name is Jim. I'm 51 years old and I have type 2 diabetes. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. 6 months ago, I said enough! I made a decision to do something about it once and for all. I was 260 lbs. I started trying to do a keto diet on my own and I had minimal success. Then I found Pure Plates on Facebook. I called em up and at first, I was a little skeptical because I've heard it all before and always wound up right back where I started. But when I made a decision to commit to the program the weight just started falling off. I mean literally falling off. With minimal exercise! Today I weigh in at 198 lbs. and I am now losing 3-5 lbs. a week. Not only that but my diabetes is completely under control. Last summer my A1c was 11.4 and now it's normal. Thank you, Pure Plates you have given me a whole new life.

COVID really freaked me out and I wanted to get healthy. I had tried on my own before to lose weight and failed, so I knew I needed some help. I saw an ad online and read reviews and I wanted to lose 50 pounds by Spring. I found your program and gave it a try. I tried in March/April of 2020 and stopped when I wasn’t sure about the economy and my job...but I knew the program was good from that experience and came back in August when things were secure, and I knew I was able to make it work. I started Aug 24th, 2020 and its now March 11, 2021 and I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished my goal! Some days are easy and other are hard...but I have learned it’s a lifestyle change, and I had to change my relationship with food. I love family loves food, all of our gatherings revolve around food, so picking and choosing when I eat the Pure Plates meals and if I cheat a little has been hard. But I would allow myself a "cheat" meal every now and then, but ONLY if I had reached a goal I had set. I now exercise more; I have a new style in clothes (NEVER used to wear leggings) and I plan to travel more. It’s not easy, but if you want it and are willing to work you can do it!

For the last 6 years all I had eaten was fast food or delivery. I was overweight, had never been in a gym and overall very unhealthy. It was time to do something about it. I heard about pure plates through a google search. When I started pure plates in early May I weighed 300 pounds. My goal was to lose 75 pounds by Halloween and 100 by Christmas. Today, 9/6 I weigh 217 pounds.

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How it works


Choose your plan

Pick a 5 Day or 30 Day Plan. Orders made by 7pm will be delivered or ready for pickup the next day.


Pick your start date

Choose a date that works for your life to meet your goals. We encourage a free consultation with one of our wellness coaches.


Enjoy the results

Select the day & time you would like to pickup or have delivered and start losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

Say goodbye to cravings, guesswork and stress.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Every Bite

Curbing your late-night snacking because you’ve already had your healthy and delicious meals, full of the exact nutrients you need every day.


Savoring Family Time Over Stove Duty

Not having to slave away behind the kitchen counter after a long day, where all you want to do is relax with the people you love.


Indulge in Wellness: Where Healthy Meets Delicious!

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your healthy lifestyle is taken care of and ‘healthy’ means delicious!


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