St. Louis' #1 Healthy Food Delivery Service

St. Louis, MO is a city that’s getting noticed -- not just for our amazing and varied food scene, but also for our reputation as a city that cares a great deal about the health of our residents. In a 2017 roundup of healthy cities across the United States, we came out #20 (out of 150 cities) for fitness centers and recreational leagues -- and #28 for our beautiful green spaces. 

Beyond just having an abundance of beautiful greenery to enjoy and recreational and fitness opportunities, the city of St. Louis is committed to making sure our residents eat healthy foods and enjoy healthy exercise opportunities. The Healthy Corner Store Project , for example, is alive and well in St. Louis -- with a commitment to empower store owners and residents to easily find healthier food options at every corner in the city. The St. Louis Farm-to-School project is a noble pursuit that’s all about bringing good, fresh, local produce to school kids throughout the area. Another fantastic and innovative program here in the city is the 30-30 program: 30 trails throughout the city that can be completed in just 30 minutes (perfect for a working lunch break).

Why You May Need Healthy Food Delivery

So, the above is the good news if you live in St. Louis: you live in a city that’s all about health.

The bad news? You probably work a lot and have many of the same struggles that we all have: a lot on your plate, too much work, too little time, and -- if you want to make a change in your diet and start eating healthy foods to deliver big results for your overall health, you’re probably overwhelmed by all of the different diets and options out there.

So….what do most people eat on a daily basis -- in St. Louis and in the rest of the country? The numbers aren’t exactly wonderful: according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 Americans eat fast food in some form every single day. It makes sense: when you don’t have time, and there’s an abundance of quick food options on your way home from work or soccer practice or the PTA, it’s all too easy to get some food and then move on to your next must-do activity.

Busy people, and working people, are what really fueled takeout and fast food as we know it today. In the mid 1800’s, as rail service really gathered steam, takeout meals started to get popular. Traveling people need to eat -- and so a market was created to meet the needs of the busy traveler. Over time, restaurants began to over takeout versions of their most popular dishes -- and eventually, fast food restaurants popped up at every corner to meet the needs of busy families who simply lacked the time for the conventional meal.

Since the 1980’s, the rise of takeout meals has really picked up. The data shows that the home-cooked American meal has been slowly dying off. This makes sense: kids today do more activities outside of the home, Americans are working more than ever, and every year women (who used to serve as home chefs) have been claiming their share of the workforce more and more.

Today, Americans are eating faster and cooking less -- and when it comes to how healthy we are, the data is alarming. According to one fairly recent study, less than 3 percent of the population live a healthy lifestyle -- based on four qualifying factors such as nutrition, diet, and exercise. Cancer rates are climbing as are Diabetes Type 2 diagnoses and other complications.

If you want to eat healthy foods and make big changes in your health, finding the time for it may be a major obstacle for you. When it comes to winning the battle over obesity, a documented barrier to success is too many convenience food options and not enough healthy food options.

Thanks to the growing demand for food delivery, and yes -- healthy food delivery -- fast food at the end of a long day doesn’t have to be your only option (whether you live in St. Louis or beyond). There are numerous ways to get healthy food delivery right here in St. Louis.

Your Quick Guide to Finding Healthy Food Delivery in St. Louis

What kind of a diet are you on: Ketogenic, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Local/Organic? Figure out what you want you are looking for and make sure the food delivery service you choose offers the healthy meals you want.

How ‘healthy’ do you want your food delivery to be? Some ‘healthy’ food delivery services in St. Louis may cut corners on ingredients. Ask about local, fresh produce that is organic (a good sign). Find out what kinds of cooking oils are used for preparing foods. Be sure you are getting the most health for your buck!

How much flexibility do you need? Some healthy food delivery services are more flexible than others. If you need a little wiggle room, look for plans with lots of meal choices and different ways to configure them. You don’t want to end up with food you don’t like or don’t eat.

How convenient do you want it to be? Some healthy food delivery services make life easier than others. Ideally, your food should be delivered to your door (or made available for pickup at a convenient location). You should be able to easily fit your meals inside of your refrigerator and heat them in the container they come in. And, of course, the containers should always be BPA-free and recyclable (because the planet needs to stay healthy, too!).

A Top Choice for Healthy Food Delivery Service in St. Louis

If you don’t live in St. Louis, use the above tips to find healthy food delivery near you. If you do live in St. Louis, however, you may want to try out Pure Plates. We are a business that is 100% passionate about helping busy folks achieve their health goals through delicious meals that make life easy. We don’t cut corners on ingredients -- and we support a number of different diets and nutrition protocols. Our Five Day Revive is a popular food delivery plan with many of our awesome customers: favorite choices from the large menu include ‘Very Berry Crepes’, Pork Tacos, and our delicious Cherry Cacao Logs.

Bottom line? We have a beautiful city here in St. Louis -- but if you’re struggling to live a healthy lifestyle (like so many of us are), healthy food delivery may help you take advantage of some of the city’s amenities from our trails to our fitness centers and so on.

Stop trying to beat the clock and stop ending up in the drive-thru line every night: do yourself a favor and see if healthy food delivery services such as Pure Plates can help up your game and give you more time and health with which to enjoy our beautiful city.