Become a Fat Burning Machine with these Keto Diet Plans Delivered to You

If you spend any time on social media or at the gym, you’ve probably heard of the Keto Diet for weight loss by now. Everyone from celebrities to empty-nesters are test-driving the powerful effects of the Keto diet. What, exactly, is Keto? It’s a diet that is all about ratios: you eat a specific ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The result? You burn fat, not calories from carbohydrates. The goal here is to put your body into the state of fat-burning called ‘ketosis’.

Believe it or not, the keto diet wasn’t developed anytime in the recent past. It was first created by doctors and scientists who wanted to control epilepsy in children. It was effective because it alters how carbohydrates are converted into glucose -- which is important for brain function. Once pharmaceuticals were introduced that were able to control epilepsy, the Keto diet quietly started to collect dust for the next several decades -- though it was still turned to for treating patients who did not respond well to pharmaceutical options.

Become a Fat Burning Machine: What is Ketosis?

How does Keto work for burning fat? Normally, once you eat a meal, the carbs you consume are broken down into glucose. Glucose is carried around the body. If there aren’t many carbs in your diet, however, your liver begins to convert fat into ketones and fatty acids. An elevated level of ketones in your body indicate the state of ketosis has been achieved -- which when used for epilepsy, can control epileptic seizures (under close medical supervision, of course).

So, how does this impact your fat burning goals? When the body is in a state of ketosis, fat is being burned when normally the body would look to burn calories from carbs first. When you can burn fat, you can lose significant weight. Numerous studies have confirmed this: ketogenic diets help weight loss and fat burning.  

You may be interested, maybe you’ve even tried the keto diet yourself...or maybe your best friend is doing it but you’re just not impressed with the results you’re seeing. What’s going on?

One of the great things about the keto diet is that it’s far from guesswork: it’s science. That being said, the success of the keto diet comes down to mathematical formulas. You eat x amount of fat, x amount of protein, and x amount of carbs each day. It is in your adherence to the formula that ensures success.

Become a Fat Burning Machine: Where Keto Diet Plans Go Wrong

Unfortunately, most people don’t fully get how it works. Keto isn’t a traditionally ‘balanced’ diet: it’s a proportioned diet according to a formula -- it’s not as simple as adding some MCT oil to your coffee, or eating a lot of lean proteins. The FDA’s healthy food plate model does not apply here. A sample breakfast might be an egg with bacon, a peanut butter ball for a snack and a tuna salad for lunch (with weighed carbs and dressing). Before you embark on a full keto diet, discover exactly how it works and learn about the five different variations of the diet.  You may want to work with a nutritionist or coach who can help you navigate all of the information -- or a meal delivery company that specializes in Keto such as ours here at Pure Plates in St. Louis.

Once you’ve got a handle on how Keto works, the next big problem many folks run into while trying to turn their bodies into fat burning machines is: how the heck to prepare keto food. ‘Keto yogurt’ for example, is far different from the typical yogurt you can find on supermarket shelves. Condiments and miscellaneous carbs must be selected carefully based on their carb and fat content. Many folks think they’re doing keto right, but the reality is they are doing some kind of interpretation of keto that more often than not, fails to deliver those powerful results that keeps putting keto in the headlines.  

A third major hurdle in getting keto results? Time and taste. You may know you want to do keto, you understand exactly what it is and how it works, and you’ve fully researched which foods are keto-friendly for meals...and what to avoid. You’re ready to jump in...but there’s one problem: you work full time, you have obligations beyond work, and you don’t have time to devote to specialized meal planning, shopping, prep, and of course, ensuring you actually enjoy the food you make. 

Become a Fat Burning Machine: How to Actually Get Results from Keto

If navigating the sometimes choppy waters of getting your body into the fat-burning state of Ketosis seems More and more meal prep and meal delivery services are responding to the demand for ketogenic diets. While we can’t comment as to whether they are all quality or just adapting to a trend, we can tell you what we do.

We’re a St. Louis based meal delivery service that’s passionate about health and the transformational results of nutrition. With the meals we create, we marry the science of diets with the tastes we all love. We have countless happy customers who trust us for their keto diet plans each week (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner) and we deliver food that tastes great, that’s easy to quickly heat, and, most importantly, food that will actually get you closer to your health goals.

We do all of the science, the researching ingredients, the shopping, the meal prep, the cooking...for you. We offer science-based, delicious keto diet plans that are delivered to you -- fully prepared and ready to heat and enjoy.

Over time, we’ve found that our customers need three different Keto diet plans:

Keto Diet Plan 1: Full Keto
This is a 5-day or 10-day meal plan we offer that will push your body into the ideal fat-burning mode: ketosis. This plan is designed to make sure we get your body using fat as fuel, remove the sugars from your system, and make that Keto conversion. At 1300-1400 calories per day, 127g of protein, and 78g of fat. Sample entrees include: pesto salmon, lemon pepper chicken, cajun lime tilapia, and an omelette stack (and much more). Snacks include cherry cacao bars, coconut fudge, lemon bars, and much more.

Keto Diet Plan 2: Fat Adapted
You don’t have to do plan 1, it depends on your needs and goals (you can work with us to determine that). This is a slightly paired down version of the above plan. At around 1314 calories per day, 99g of protein, and 80g of fat. Sample entrees include: pecan crusted chicken, rosemary chicken, spaghetti squash turkey (and much more). Snacks include cashew butter logs, coconut fudge, and lemon bars.

Keto Diet Plan 3: Fat Burn
This plan is all about getting that fat burning. At around 1343 calories per day, 101g of protein, and 84g of fat. Sample entrees include: cobb salad, 6 pepper chicken, pot roast (and much more). Snacks include turkey meatballs, lemon bars, small servings of pot roast, coconut fudge and more.

Bottomline? Ketogenic diet plans can deliver incredibly big results when it comes to fat burning -- if you follow them closely. If you want to lose weight and achieve your health goals via a Keto diet plan, you need to find a way to ‘go keto’ accurately. Local meal delivery services that can deliver customized keto diet plans may be a great option -- especially as you are just learning the ropes and want to propel your body into the state of ketosis.