Prepared Meals Delivered: St. Louis’ #1 Prepared Meal Delivery Service

Looking for prepared meals delivered in St. Louis….and wondering which meal delivery service is number 1?  The truth is: it depends. What? The best prepared meal delivery service truly depends on what you are looking for in a meal delivery service. You should consider what your unique health goals are and specific diets you are following.

Because our St. Louis-based company, Pure Plates, offers prepared meals delivered through our meal delivery service, we know a thing or two about meal delivery services. In this blog, we’ll look at how you can figure out which prepared  meal service is right for you -- and how to ensure the one you choose aligns with your specific health goals.

The time you invest in finding a meal delivery service now will save you time, money, and health in the future. Meal delivery services like ours help you adhere to diets, achieve goals, and save a significant amount of time...while preventing waste.

Prepared Meal Delivery Service in St. Louis: Does Quality Matter?

Whether you’re in St. Louis, or you’re across the country, take note: not all ‘healthy’ meal delivery services are equal (unfortunately). Picking a healthy meal delivery service isn’t as simple as just choosing a random one from Yelp. Why? ‘Healthy’ is a generic word. For example, ice cream is rich in calcium -- someone could make the case that it’s ‘healthy’.

If you want a truly healthy meal delivery service, you’re going to have to look under the hood. Here at Pure Plates, we are passionate about providing those in the St. Louis area with meals prepped from the highest quality ingredients available on the market today.

What does that mean, exactly? Some meal delivery services cut corners. For example, canola oil isn’t exactly a health food...yet many meal delivery services -- here in St. Louis and beyond -- routinely use it in so-called ‘healthy meals’. Yikes. Cutting corners does not make a meal delivery service #1 in our book!

Before you choose a meal delivery service, don’t just take their word for the food being healthy: ask about the ingredients they choose. Pay attention to small differences, such as a service that preps with canola oil instead of olive oil, or a service that preps with table salt instead of pink Himalayan salt (which we use). All of the meals we prep and deliver are organically sourced (locally when possible) and gluten free. Find out which ingredients a  ‘healthy’ meal delivery service is using: you should be able to ask and get a list of ingredients (we offer complete nutrition information for all of our meals).

Prepared Meal Delivery Service in St. Louis: Does Convenience Matter?

Ultimately, a meal delivery service should make meeting your health goals as easy as possible for you. For us here at Pure Plates in St. Louis, that means we need to do the following:

Fully prepared meals that are ready to heat up
Provide meal delivery to residents in the St. Louis area
Provide meal pick-up here in St. Louis
Use BPA-free, microwave-safe containers that stack easily in your refrigerator

We provide you with excellent support, diet and nutrition information, kickstart plans….and a seamless ordering experience that takes the headache out of healthy eating.

Are You Following a Specific Diet?

Different strokes for different folks...and different diets for different goals. If you’re on, or about to embark on, a special diet -- you may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed by all the variables, meal prep and planning that goes into it. A meal delivery service can come to your rescue...when you choose the right one. As a rule of thumb, you want to choose a meal delivery service that not only understands the diet you are on -- but is experienced in preparing meals around it.

For example, our meal delivery service here in St. Louis offers a variety of different plans for special diets. We know these diets inside and out -- and we prepare these special diet meals every single day. We stay on top of the latest research for these diets, and we are constantly working to make our meals even more delicious (and, of course, nutritious).

Below is a list of diets which our St. Louis meal delivery service caters to -- with delicious meal plans that include breakfasts, lunch, snacks, and dinners.

Ketogenic aka The Keto Diet Meal Delivery in St. Louis

If you’ve been on, or have heard about the many benefits of, the keto diet, Pure Plates may be exactly what you’re looking for. While Keto first made waves for its abilities to control hard-to-treat epilepsy, today it’s also being heralded for its ability to help kick your body’s metabolism and burn fat (not just calories).

We offer a full meal plan with ketogenic breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. If you choose the Keto Diet Plan from Pure Plates (available to those local to the St. Louis area, via delivery or in person), you can pick from a variety of meals each week (to keep things interesting on your plate).

Each week, you’ll be able to choose from different options to have delivered, including:

Pesto Salmon
Rosemary Chicken
Pecan Crusted Chicken
Beef and Broccoli
Coconut Fudge
Cherry Cacao Bars
….and many more.  

Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-Based Meal Delivery in St. Louis

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of eating a plant-based diet, Pure Plates has meal plan options for you. Time and time again, research shows that largely plant-based diets offer a number of disease preventative benefits, such as helping to protect against: obesity, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and even cancer.

Interested in St. Louis Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-Based Meal Delivery? Pure Plates offers delicious meals, such as:

Hummus in a Spud
Black Bean Quinoa Burrito
Vegetarian Chile Rellenos
Spaghetti Squash Marinara with Roasted Vegetables
Mediterranean Zoodle Salad
….and many more (including a large variety of snack options).

Diabetic Diet Plan Meal Delivery in St. Louis

Whether you have Diabetes Type 2, or you’ve been diagnosed as prediabetic, paying close attention to what you are eating can be absolutely transformative to your health.  Diets that cut calories from sugar and starches, and are rich in veggies, fruits, and protein are an excellent way to turn take action against diabetes right from your lunch box.

Making key dietary changes can help diabetics and pre diabetics in a number of ways, such as:

Prevent, reduce, or delay certain complications resulting from diabetes
Provide the right amount of calories for weight management
Achieve blood lipid concentrations that are optimal.

Pure Plates prepares diabetic diet plans to St. Louis every day -- and our customers rave about the meals we make for them.

Options from the diabetic meal plans we offer here in St. Louis are delicious, and plentiful:

Cobb Salad
Omelette Stack Cup
Very Berry Crepes
Ginger Chicken
Pork Tacos
Grass Fed Beef Hash
Cashew Butter Logs
...and many more.

Paleo Diet Meal Delivery in St. Louis  

Following a paleo diet...or about to start? Paleo diets offer a number of health benefits. Although they are also known as the ‘caveman’ diet, there is nothing about this diet that’s stuck in the stone age: paleo diets are all about optimum food quality, nutrition, whole foods -- and getting rid of the refined and processed foods that are all too common in the standard American diet today.

If you’re local to St. Louis and you choose us here at Pure Plates, we can offer you a variety of different meal options that will keep you going on the Paleo diet.

Paleo meals we can deliver include:

Philly Cheese Steak Wrap
Grass Fed Pot Roast
Street Pork Tacos
Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork
….and many more.

Bottom line? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the #1 prepared meal delivery service in St. Louis. If you want healthy meals, pay attention to the quality of ingredients a meal delivery service uses. Do they use organic produce -- and ingredients local to St. Louis when in season? If you want convenience, make sure you can pick up your meals in person or get them delivered and that you can get all the meals you need prepped: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Be sure you don’t have to worry about BPA or transferring to a different dish to heat up your food. If you have specific dietary needs, such as ketogenic, diabetic, gluten free, plant-based or vegetarian, or paleo, make sure the meal delivery service you choose specifically caters to your special diet. They should offer a variety of different meals (so you don’t get bored eating the same meals over and over again) -- and support so that when you have questions or something you’re struggling with, you can get the answers and guidance you need.