Lose the Fad Diets, Get Back to the Basics

Meal Prep Plans

The internet is information overload, and the drive for quick fixes and fast results makes it difficult to weed out fact from fiction when it comes to eating. Fad diets are nothing new, and today the scene is ruled by the keto diet, Whole 30, paleo, Noom, and WW International (aka Weight Watchers).

Fans of these diets will try to convince you they know best, including all the latest science and buzzwords that will make you hop onto the fad diet train. But the secret? They’re all designed to fail. 

Which is probably why you’re here - you’ve tried Whole 30, paleo, maybe you did Atkins or Weight Watchers in the past, or you just quit keto because let’s face it - carbs are delicious and won’t kill you. You’ve done it all, and nothing works.

Healthy Meals Near Me

Or maybe you’re new to healthy eating, and have no idea where to begin thanks to the influx of conflicting and confusing information out there.

Fad diets are designed to be temporary, meaning you can expect to see results initially, but will gradually gain back the weight you lost once the diet is over. Many diets also encourage extreme restriction, slashing calories and cutting out entire food groups. This can wreak havoc on our metabolism and contribute to nutrient deficiencies, sluggishness and fatigue, and even impact our mood.

Usually, individuals who quit diets gain more weight than they lost, ending up at a higher weight than they were before the diet. And what do we think the solution to that extra weight is? Another diet! Thus continues the cycle of sifting through the internet trying to decide which diet will be the one to finally give you the results you want - but none of them will. 

Our nutrition coaches have noticed a trend lately - many people have been turning to our service after they’ve “tried it all.” After a while all the conflicting headlines, dodgy science, and over-complication of nutrition and dieting can become too much.

It’s time to return to the basics, and Pure Plates can help you simplify the over complicated by providing a clear, easy to understand path to meeting your nutrition goals. 

Prepared Meal Delivery

Our prepared meal delivery services make nutrition simple. We use the latest evidence-supported research to craft meals that are healthy and can help you reach your unique goals and needs. We use clean, nutrient dense ingredients without the processed sugars, refined carbohydrates, excessive sodium, saturated fat, and preservatives that have been proven to contribute to poor health, because eating healthy and nourishing your body doesn’t have to mean cutting out entire food groups and depriving yourself of energy and food that tastes good.

Pure Plates is not another fad diet - its healthy, nutritious eating made simple with meal prep, so you can learn what healthy, portion-controlled and balanced meals look like. We also provide education and transparency to help our community make the simplest and healthiest choices for themselves and their families. 

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. We focus on whole grains and complex carbs, which contain a host of vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, folate, magnesium, and fiber that help reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

Our lean meats are high in protein and prepared in healthy fats, helping you keep your saturated fat and sodium intake low so you can build muscle, improve your immune system, and lower your risk for heart disease without antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Fruits and veggies that provide fiber, complex carbs, and a range of vitamins and minerals help lower your risk for disease, while building up your immune system and helping you feel energized every day. Cooking fats such as olive oil reduce your LDL (bad) cholesterol, decrease inflammation, and reduce risk for heart disease.

We source the cleanest and best ingredients we can to help you get back to basic healthy eating without the supplements, gimmicks, and confusing ingredients.

Pure Plates also strives to include meal prep plans that are allergen-friendly and feature local, in-season ingredients so you can return to the basics - healthy, fresh, whole foods without all the dieting noise. There’s also many dietary friendly options, like vegetarian, pescatarian, and more!

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