Healthy Food Near Me: Where to Get Healthy Meals in St Louis

If you’re a foodie who lives in St. Louis, you already are well aware the this is a city alive with different restaurants, cuisines, and delicious meals to sample. It’s not a local secret anymore, either: St. Louis is getting some serious press for just how amazing our restaurants are.Our innovative chefs, and our flavorful and diverse cuisines, are part of what make St. Louis such a great place for foodies to experience (and better yet -- live near). 

The food scene in St. Louis doesn’t stop there, though: St. Louis is a city that is prioritizing the health of its restaurants -- as a result: there are lots of places to find healthy meals and foods right in the city. Whether you work in St. Louis or live here or both, and you’re wondering “Where do I find healthy food near me?, check out our list below for some great ideas on local places to get a nice boost of health served alongside your meal (and, of course, you can always check out our healthy foods here at Pure Plates -- located throughout St. Louis).

As a general rule, when you are looking for healthy food options, you want to find foods that have a good source of protein, are minimally processed, contain good fats, good carbs, and are cooked with clean methods.

As you are probably well aware, St. Louis has almost as many different neighborhoods as it has different types of foods and cuisines. The city is home to 79 neighborhoods -- with each neighborhood having its own unique features, associations, strengths, and weaknesses. For the sake of consolidation in this article, however, we’ve divided our top choices for healthy foods near you into three sections of the city: Central, North, and South.

One note: not every menu item at all of the St. Louis restaurants will be what we here at Pure Plates would define as truly healthy. We have a pretty strict policy when it comes to the healthy foods we offer -- so this article is meant as a guide to give you healthier options (when you’re not eating at Pure Plates, of course). 

Healthy Foods Near Me: Central St. Louis

St. Louis is a large city -- and we only have so many words for this article! Maybe in the future we’ll do a series of articles breaking down restaurants with healthy meals by individual neighborhoods -- but, for the sake of defining the area in this article, we’ll say Central St. Louis consists of downtown, Lafayette Square, Central West End, Forest Park North, Grand Center, the Grove, Midtown, Forest Park, Demun, and Dogtown (and many more smaller sections, as well).

To answer your question, “what healthy food is near me” if you are in the Central St. Louis area, let’s dive in:

If you are into Kombucha and fermented foods, you may want to stop by Central West End’s popular Confluence Kombucha. There are plenty of vegetarian and Kombucha options at this little eatery that keeps locals coming back again and again.

Need a coffee with alternative creamer options such as almond milk? Stop by Dogtown’s Comet Coffee and Microbakery -- a very popular local haunt. Beware, seating is hard to come by at this trendy little spot. Instagramming foodies, take note: their lattes photograph particularly well.

Seedz Cafe, in Demun, offers an abundance of options for vegan grub -- and is a popular eatery for vegans and non-vegans alike.

City Greens Market, in Midtown, offers a bevy of fresh produce to purchase along with a power juicebar. We love the grassroots vibe here -- and the community empowerment focus.

Healthy Foods Near Me: North City St. Louis

Again, St. Louis is a big place. Since we won’t be going into each individual neighborhood in this article, we’ll group a bunch together and say North St. Louis consists of Old North St. Louis, the North Side, the Ville, Fairgrounds, College Hill, Walnut Park, and the West End.

To answer your question, “what healthy foods are near me” if you are in the North St. Louis area, let’s dive in:

If you’re near the Zoo, you may want to check out the popular Painted Giraffe Cafe. Family-friendly, this cafeteria-style restaurant has something for everyone - and offers a menu with fresh salads, wraps, and juices.

The St. Louis Art Museum has two eateries depending upon what you prefer: finer dining or a quick-service cafe. Both come with menus that include healthier choices -- such as a roasted eggplant and arugula sandwich.

Healthy Foods Near Me: South City St. Louis
For the sake of defining the area, we’ll say South St. Louis consists of Tower Grove Park, Clifton Heights, Dutchtown, Fox Park, McKinley Heights, Soulard, Shaw, Compton Heights, Holly Hills, St. Louis Hills, Gravois Park, Marine Villa, Bevo, and Lindenwood Park.

If you’re into local produce, stop by Lulu’s Local Eatery for sustainable foods with a vegan/health-conscious spin. Located on South Grand Street, Lulu’s is a very popular haunt for locals and out-of-towners alike.

In Fox Park, Lonas Lil Eats offers a menu with local favorites such as fresh spring rolls, a lemongrass turkey wrap, and homemade dumplings.

The above restaurants are really just meant to give you some ideas for where you can find menus that include healthy options when you’re dining out around St. Louis.

If you are short on time and need healthy foods in St. Louis on a regular basis,
check out Pure Plates with multiple locations in and around St. Louis  - in Chesterfield, Kirkwood, O’Fallon, Weldon Springs, University City, and the Central West End.   Examples of our food choices include our popular pulled chicken enchilada, the delicious southwest fish tacos, and our black bean quinoa burrito. Plates has a variety of different (and always yummy) meal choices for every diet (from Keto to Vegan to Paelo to Diabetic) and meal plans so that we can serve up some serious health to as much of St. Louis as we possibly can.