30 Day Meal Plan For Weight Loss

A 30 Day Meal Plan for weight loss can change your life: you have to, however, choose the right one for your health, needs, hunger levels, and body. Why a 30 day meal plan to kickstart weight loss? Scientific studies show that habit-based weight loss -- breaking the old habits and replacing them with new ones -- is profoundly effective in long term weight loss. The trick to actually doing a diet that makes you feel and look great is taking action (the act of eating a healthy snack, for example) into a habit (eating a healthy snack day after day until it becomes habitual). 

When you commit to a 30 day meal plan for weight loss, you have the opportunity to take a series of actions (30 days of eating healthy foods that are on-target with your weight loss goals) and turning that into a sustained habit that brings about huge changes over time (not just a few pounds lost here and there).

Turn Actions into Habits -- In 30 Days.

If you’re ready to turn actions (eating healthy meals here and there) into sustained habits, a 30 day meal plan can help you do just that.  Before you commit to any one single plan, make sure you know your options. There are a variety of different plans and one meal plan may work for one person that may not work for another.  

Some of the 30-day options out there include:

- Work with a physician/nutritionist who will create a plan for you.
Pro’s? You get a custom plan. Con’s? The plan could have more of an emphasis on nutritional content than flavor profiles. Getting an appointment with a nutritionist could take time, or may not be covered by health insurance.

- Use a self-directed weight loss program.
You may have heard of the Whole 30 back when it took the world by storm. It’s a book and way of eating for 30 days that makes a lot of big promises. A big problem with a self-directed program such as this? There is a huge amount of work you will end up doing - from making lists, to shopping, to prep, to cooking. If you’re a busy person, it’s all to easy to abandon ship on this one week, or even one day, in.

- Use a commercial weight loss program.
Numerous commercial diet programs such as Weight Watchers offer variations of jumpstart and 30 day meal plans designed to help you with weight loss. Two words: be careful. Commercial diet programs are, far more often than not, only designed for immediate weight loss...and not about your overall health, as well.

- Use a ‘healthy’ meal delivery kit.
There are some meal delivery kits out there that are focused on health as well as saving you some time. If you are ok with a one-size-fits-all solution, and you have the time to do the cooking and cleanup yourself, this may be something that works for you. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to find one that gives you a specific 30-day meal plan designed to kick your weight loss into overdrive.

- Use a meal delivery weight loss service.
Last, but not least: meal delivery services  can be game-changers for busy people who want all the same health benefits (and flavors) they would get if only they had the time. While some meal delivery services aren’t going to be focused on health (your local pizza place could maybe, sort of, qualify as ‘meal delivery’ after all), there are more and more meal delivery services such as Pure Plates in St. Louis that offer a variety of different plans, including a 30-day meal plan.

As we are a meal delivery service serving the greater St. Louis community, we won’t go into the details of what a commercial weight loss or meal kit product may be able to help you with. We can give you some reasons why a meal delivery service such as ours can help you actually take on your health goals and even surpass them….in as little as 30 days.

The big benefits of using a 30-day meal plan from a service such as ours is that it makes sticking with your new habit of healthy eating sustainable -- diets that are not sustainable are one of the major reasons they fail.

Here’s how, and why, a 30-day meal plan is sustainable over time:

Save Time
Time is money -- and going to the grocery store, browsing recipes on Pinterest or in cookbooks, prepping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning can all take a serious bite out of your productivity. That being said, the more time you spend on healthy eating, the more it appears to pay off (according to the research). If you are short on time at all, it’s all too easy to skip a home-cooked meal one night...and then the next...and so on.

Eliminates the Guesswork
Another big issue when it comes to sustainable diets is the eternal question, “what are we going to eat tonight?”. When you’re on a diet, this question gets far more difficult to solve. Whether you’re doing a Keto diet, or you’re diabetic, or maybe vegetarian...planning the right meals around the foods your body needs can be a major challenge. With a meal plan from a meal delivery service that not only gets it, but makes it their mission to feed you healthy foods that taste as great as their nutritional content, you solve the question of what’s for dinner….your refrigerator is full of fresh options for you to choose from.

Keeps Your Weight Loss Goals on Track
One of the single biggest determining factors on the success or failure of a weight loss plan is simple: accountability.  You may start a diet plan and fully intend to see it through for the entire 30 days...and you miss a day...then end up saying to yourself, “oh, I’ll just start next month.”  Our nutritional coaches are here to help you create a plan and stick to it. They work with you to create an easy-to -follow and custom plan that won’t send you starving and frantic through the fast-food drive-thru line at midnight. You’ll have snacks you actually like to eat -- and meals that leave you feeling full. Beyond that, though, our nutrition coaches check in with to make sure all is well. And, if all is NOT well, they’ll work with you to get you back on track.

Lower Stress Levels
Getting healthy isn’t always wine and roses: it can be stressful in and of itself. If you haven’t been eating the greatest foods leading up to it, it’s possible that you’ve been making those choices because you already have a great deal of stress and/or limited time.  A 30-day meal plan, like the one we offer, is specifically designed to cut out the stress from eating foods that taste great and are great for you. It’s one less thing...one less MAJOR thing...that you have to worry about. It gives you more time for all the other stuff: family, exercise, hobbies, work, friends, Fido the Dog, and so on.

Bottomline? A 30-day meal plan may just be an excellent choice to get you on track with your health and weight loss goals. Before you start any one program, figure out what is sustainable for your lifestyle -- sustainability over time - whether it’s one week, 30 days, or one year -- could very well be the single biggest determining factor in whether or not you achieve your health goals….and if you happen to be in the St. Louis metro area, be sure to check out all of the many different meal plans we deliver -- including a 30-day meal plan customized for your needs.