Top benefits of drinking lemon water

Usually even the smallest adjustments in our routines will have the biggest impact. Let’s take lemon water for an example, did you know that drinking lemon water has numerous benefits for our body?

Read into this if you want to find out about the many different advantages drinking lemon water has to offer including hydration, boosting our immune system, increasing iron absorption, and many more! 

 Promotes Hydration

Many individuals find the taste of water to be bland or flavorless, and so they don’t drink enough of it. Your top choice of drink for hydration should be water and adding lemon to it will enhance the flavor and freshness of your water, making it more appealing and desirable to drink. 

On average, the general guidelines for hydration say that women should be getting at least 2.7L of water per day and men should be drinking at least 3.7L of water per day. 

Next time you’re reaching for a glass of water, squeeze half a lemon and enjoy the added flavor and freshness for an extra boost of hydration! In doing so not only are you hydrating yourself, but you’re adding some of the health benefits of lemon as described below.

Boosts Immune system

Lemons are known for their Vitamin C content, which provides us with essential health benefits. The juice of a lemon can stimulate an immune system response to protect against colds and reduce the duration and symptoms of them in some people. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect us from radical damage causing illness and aging of skin. The recommended amount of Vitamin C to be taken daily is 90mg/day for men and 75mg/day for women. Lemons and citrus fruits are an excellent source of Vitamin C and one lemon contains about 30g of it. 

Now that we’re coming into colder months, we recommend adding lemon to your water to give your body a good boost of the Vitamin C it needs!

Increases Iron Absorption

The vitamin C in lemons and other citrus fruits helps to increase iron absorption in the body. For this reason, it’s important to pair iron rich foods with foods also rich in vitamin C, such as lemons!

Iron is essential for making red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the rest of our body. Knowing this, we want you to eat foods and acquire habits that aid in iron absorption. 

Drinking lemon water is one way to increase iron absorption throughout the body and help it thrive! Make sure to check out our quinoa vegetable bowl for a meal rich in plant-based iron and don’t forget to squeeze some lemon in your water for extra absorption!

May Improve Skin

Lemons and water are the perfect recipe for glowing skin! We mentioned that since lemons are supercharged with vitamin C, they can aid with fighting off free radicals, which are the reason our skin gets wrinkled and damaged as we age as a result of sun exposure, diet, etc. 

In order to prevent skin aging and dehydration, we recommend combining the two essential things that our skin needs; you got it right! Lemon and water.  

Start your day off by squeezing lemon into your morning glass of water and enjoy the ultimate hydration and innumerable benefits to come! 

Aids in Digestion

Achieving optimal metabolism may require some effort for some. The acidic environment of our stomachs that breaks down food may start to decline with age due to different factors. For this reason, supplementing our water intake with lemon (which is highly acidic) may help maintain the acidic environment of our stomachs at an optimal level aiding in digestion! Drinking lemon water will help your body to break down foods more efficiently giving your digestive functioning an extra boost.

The Takeaway

Research shows that drinking lemon water can have numerous benefits that affect our bodies from within, including hydration, boosting the immune system, improving skin, and many more! Aside from all these benefits, it will make you feel awesome!  

Adding lemon to your water will increase your daily water intake, which is critical for our health! Start your day by a big glass of lemon water and combine it with a breakfast option from Pure Plates, you’ll thank us later!