Healthy Meals Near Me: Where to get clean food fast

Whether you are traveling, at work, or simply hungry at home and you are wondering: ”where can i find healthy meals near me?”...luckily, if you’re in the St. Louis area, you have options for fast and 100% clean food.

Following a specific diet and need to ensure the nutritional profile of your meals is truly healthy and matches your dietary needs? Short on time?

Pure Plates is a full-service healthy meal provider and we have two retail locations (
Chesterfield, MO and Kirkwood, MO) in addition to our pick-up locations (we do offer an array of meal delivery and  pick-up options for those on our meal plans). At our retail locations, you can also simply stop in, check out what's in our coolers, and grab some delicious, healthy, and clean food fast.

Image Above: Enjoy a fast, clean meal from one of our Pure Plates Retail Locations

When it comes to health and what is truly 'clean' food today, the entire culinary crew at Pure Plates is one hundred percent focused on using only the finest ingredients and cutting zero corners. Healthy meals, for us, are about every single ingredient used: because of this, every single ingredient we use is deliberate, science-backed, and well-considered. For example, we won’t use canola oil in our cooking because it just isn’t up to our standards (we use extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil to make our meals as healthy as possible). Another example: when salt is used, we use crystal Himalayan salt and sea salt.

Image Above: Ready-to-Go Pure Plates Meals from our Coolers

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet that works across health needs, and because of this, we cater to a variety of diets to make health easier for everyone. We offer meals for Keto diets, gluten free diets, vegan diets, paleo diets, vegetarian diets, and more. Beyond just creating meals that comply with the highest standards of current health research and dietary restrictions, we don’t compromise when it comes to flavor. Healthy meals are only as good as they are delicious, and because we want our customers to continue to choose Pure Plates for healthy meals in St. Louis over and over again, we make sure every meal served is as delicious as it is healthy.

Keto diets were once used exclusively for the treatment of epilepsy and today are widely used to help with weight loss and maintenance. If you are following a Keto diet in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, you can stop into our Chesterfield or Kirkwood locations to get grab-and-go Keto meals and snacks from our coolers. Examples of our Keto meals include our cage-free Keto breakfast, our bacon burger salad, or Chicken Parmesan. Some of our healthy keto snacks include our crowd-favorite coconut fudge, cherry cacao bars, and delicious cashew butter logs.

Example a Pure Plates Keto Breakfast
Image Above: A delicious Pure Plates healthy Keto breakfast

Managing diabetes type 2? Research shows that the foods you eat can help you both prevent and manage your condition. Whether you just need a diabetic meal on the go, or you need a meal plan that takes away the guesswork, we can help. At Pure Plates, we take your health concerns seriously and offer a variety of delicious diabetic-friendly and healthy meals for St. Louis and the surrounding areas. You can stop into our stores in Chesterfield or Kirkwood for quick grab-and-go meals. Examples of healthy diabetic-friendly meals we offer include grass fed beef hash, our All-American Breakfast,  and our popular Ginger Chicken. All of our diabetic-friendly snacks hit it out of the ballpark, and include lemon bars, cashew butter logs, and cherry cacao bars.

Are you on a vegan aka plant-based diet? Plant-based diets, whether for ethical or health concerns...or both, have been shown to promote overall health and well-being and help reduce complications from diseases such as diabetes type 2. At Pure Plates, we offer plant-based (vegan) and vegetarian options our customers rave about. Healthy meals that are vegan/plant-based include our vegetable marinara zoodle pasta, our black bean quinoa burrito, and our superfood bean bowl. Further: the majority of our snacks are plant-based and vegetarian friendly.

The paleo diet, which has been studied to help with weight loss as well as cardiovascular risk factors in diabetes type 2, comes with an array of health benefits that have made it a popular choice here in St. Louis: we offer a variety of Paleo-friendly meals. Examples of our healthy Paleo meal options include our grass-fed beef and broccoli stir fry, our pork street tacos, and our stuffed pepper with mash.

Image Above: Pure Plates Offers Many Options for Every Kind of Diet

Gluten has been shown to cause serious health issues in certain individuals. If you are gluten free, good news: Pure Plates is 100% gluten, really, you have your choice of any meal at Pure Plates as every single meal and snack we prepare is gluten free. If you are looking for healthy and delicious gluten free meals in St. Louis and the area, stop into our Kirkwood or Chesterfield locations for your choice of options.

The above is just a quick look at some of the ways in which the culinary team at Pure Plates can accommodate your particular dietary needs. We have many meal choices available in our coolers at our two retail locations, and, we also offer prepared meal delivery and order-ahead pick up with our flexible meal plans. In addition to our two retail locations in Kirkwood and Chesterfield, we also have pick-up locations for those on our meal plans in the following locations: O’ Fallon, Weldon Springs, University City, and Central West End.

Our flexible meal plans are popular because they make healthy eating simple so you can focus on other goals (such as downtime, exercise, or whatever your current priorities are). You simply choose the plan that works for you (such as our 5-day Keto), and you get your meals delivered to your door, freshly prepared and ready-to-eat in BPA-free, recyclable, and microwavable containers.

Image Above: Pure Plates Meals Come in BPA-free, Easy-to-Heat Containers

So, if you’re local to St. Louis, whether you live or work in the area or you’re just traveling through, if you are wondering “where can I find healthy meal choices near me…” you are in luck.

Explore our website now to order a meal or meal plan...or stop by one of our retail locations to check out our deliciously healthy food that’s ready-to-eat now in our coolers.