Diabetic Diet Plans St. Louis: Where to Get Meals That Will Help You Succeed

Looking for diabetic diet plans in St. Louis? If you are, you may be one of the many local residents impacted by this metabolic disorder (the St. Louis chapter of the American Diabetes Association is very active). Diabetes Type 2, and prediabetes, is, unfortunately, a major health concern for St. Louis residents today -- and for the entire nation. Data shared in 2012 suggests that as many as 14% of the U.S. population struggles with Diabetes Type 2 -- a staggering number.

So, what is Diabetes Type 2? It’s a metabolic disorder that happens when your body can’t produce enough, or make use of, insulin. Without enough, or proper use of, insulin - your body can’t properly metabolize glucose (aka blood sugar). Problems associated with not being able to properly metabolize glucose can be very serious: heart disease, strokes, retinopathy, and many more.

A diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2 or prediabetes can be grave -- especially when it’s not managed properly. On the other side of the coin, a diagnosis like this can also be life-changing by bringing about extremely positive diet and exercise changes.

If you (or someone you love) has been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, diabetic diet plans can be not only life changing...they can be life saving (when done in conjunction with your medical provider).   

Why? Diabetes Type 2 can be hereditary or it can result from lifestyle choices. If a mother or father has or had Diabetes Type 2, it follows that their offspring have a greater chance of developing it (though this isn’t set in stone). Unhealthy diets can push someone with a hereditary disposition further into the likelihood that they’ll develop the disorder.

The fact that diet plays such an integral role for diabetics is both bad news...and good news. The good news is that through changing your diet, there is great potential to change the course of the disorder. Scientific research overwhelmingly supports the idea that through diet, Diabetes Type 2 can be greatly improved.

Want to succeed in combating diabetes? What you eat, and don't eat, matters. Let’s take a look at evidence-based diet choices for diabetics:

More Sugar, More Problems: Why a Diabetic Diet Plan Should Limit Carbs

Here in St. Louis, we like our grain-based or "starchy" carbs. That being said, if you’re diabetic or prediabetic, it’s in your best interest to avoid them. Why? When you eat grain-based carbs, you’re burning glucose (aka sugar) as your primary source of fuel. When it comes to insulin production, this is no bueno: more sugar means more problems for diabetics. Research indicates that while insulin resistance is, in and of itself, benign, a diet that’s high in carbohydrates can be the tipping point into diabetes.

A diet that’s low in net carbs can help turn it around. One study showed that low-carb diets helped diabetics improve both body weight and (more importantly, arguably) glycemic control at multiple points during the study. This study is notable because even after 44 months on the diet, diabetics sustained a high level of improvement.

Note: not all carbs are the same. Carbs that are starchy (such as potatoes and french fries) are far more likely to spike blood sugar than carbs such as vegetables or even fruit. Why? Vegetables and fruits are loaded with dietary fiber; starchy carbs are not.

Go Nuts: Why a Diabetic Diet Plan Should Include Enough Protein

When it comes to diets that work to help diabetics get their condition under control, protein matters. Why? Protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Research has spoken: when diabetics increase the protein in their diets, their ‘blood glucose response’ increases.

This doesn’t mean that eating a high-protein diet is a cure-all, of course. A healthy diabetic diet works in conjunction with other elements to help bring about positive changes in the body.

Hello, Fat: Why a Diabetic Diet Plan Should Include Enough Fat

Eat more fats...what? Yes. Healthy fats can be a good thing when you’re a diabetic.
A study on partial replacement of monounsaturated fatty acids and diabetes type 2 showed promising results with glycemic control.

Before you get too excited -- remember that french fries are not a good thing for diabetics. While diabetics should make sure they get the right amount of healthy fats, it doesn’t mean you should go to your nearest pizza join stat (sorry, folks...I wish).

So, which fats are considered healthy to add to a diabetic diet plan? Monounsaturated fats -- such as those from meats, olive oil, salmon, avocados, nuts, and lean proteins such as chicken.

Fiber Matters: Why a Diabetic Diet Plan Should Include Enough Fiber

The data has spoken: fiber is a good thing if you are prediabetic or have diabetes type 2. Fiber can reduce blood glucose levels -- and studies show that fiber should be encouraged in diabetic diet plans.

There are an endless number of delicious ways to add some fiber into your meal plans. Foods highest in fiber include fruit such as raspberries, apples and pears (skin included), grains like barley, nuts, and broccoli.

Although you may be about to reach for the bottle of metamucil, remember that controlling diabetes isn’t that simple. Fiber is one part of a healthy diet -- a shot of fiber supplements along with pizza and fries won’t work. Focus on a diet rich in whole foods and the dietary fiber will naturally be a part of it.

Where to Find Diabetic Diet Plans in St. Louis

Want prepackaged diabetic diet plans right here in St. Louis? We’ve got ‘em. With us, you get portion controlled freshly prepared meals that are ready to eat and heat -- no hassle, just fresh and organic produce (local when available), gluten free, pure ingredients (for example, no canola oil). We serve our meals in microwave-safe and BPA-free containers that stack well in your refrigerator.

Sample meals from our diabetic diet plans include:

Chipotle Chicken
Fajita Zoodle Bowl
Cobb Salad
Beef Tenderloin

Sample snacks from our diabetic diet plans include:

Cashew butter logs
Cherry cacao bars
Coconut fudge
...and lemon bars.

If you’re interested in saving time and improving your health with our diet plans customized just for diabetics, we’re here to help.

Bottom line? Although getting a diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2 or even prediabetes is distressing, you can absolutely be proactive and make extremely positive changes through your diet and meal plans. It may be an adjustment -- but eating a whole foods based diet can help you prevent a host of other diseases in addition to helping you control diabetes.

If you’re in St. Louis, you’re in luck. There are numerous resources and events for the diabetic community….and diabetic diet plans such as the ones we offer are extremely helpful -- and can pave the foundation for a brand new lifestyle and big leaps towards a healthier you.