What exactly is chlorophyll water, and should I be drinking it?

If you’re passionate about your health, you’ve probably heard about chlorophyll water at some point. Maybe your first-time hearing about it was biology class in middle school, but now, you’re hearing about it when it comes to health and wellness.

What is chlorophyll water, and is it legit or just another fad? Learn more here and find out if chlorophyll water is right for you.

What is chlorophyll water?

Chlorophyll is a pigment that is naturally produced by plants. It gives plants their green color, and is crucial for the process photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that sunlight is turned into energy.

Chlorophyll can be interested directly via plants like spinach and parsley, or, it can be consumed through supplements. In supplements, chlorophyll is in the form of chlorophyllin. Chlorophyllin is better absorbed by the body because it is water-soluble.

Potential health benefits of chlorophyll

To start out, the proven health benefits of chlorophyll at this time are limited. We’ll dive into the research that is out there though, here.

First off, chlorophyll might help bind heavy metals and take them away from the body. Chlorella, which has high amounts of chlorophyll, has been shown via research to get rid of toxic chemicals and metals from the body. 

Chlorophyll also might help to protect the body against diseases. Research shows that chlorophyll has an impact on liver health. One study on animals found that chlorophyll consumption reduced incidence of liver tumors, for example. Chlorophyll may also reduce damage from cancer-causing compounds within the body. The antioxidant properties of chlorophyll also can reduce oxidative damage within the body. This reduces the incidence of cancer.

Should I be purchasing chlorophyll water?

Many chlorophyll water products are on the market, but are they worth the hype?

While there may be some research out there that states that chlorophyll water is beneficial for your health, overall, we find that the research is limited. Many of the studies are observational and not randomized controlled trials, or are done on animals. More research is needed at this time to determine if chlorophyll water is critical for your health. Therefore, purchasing these bottled drinks may be a waste of money. Not to mention that that they likely won’t taste that good to some of you! Lastly, it’s a waste of plastic.


So, how should I eat healthier?

Instead of wasting your money on products that only MIGHT work for your health, and have no supporting research, spend money on things that WILL work for you and your health goals. Pure Plates can have a place in your health goals and help you to reach them to feel like your best self. 

As we mentioned, chlorophyll is found naturally in veggies. Instead of spending money on ridiculously expensive bottled drinks, you can choose to consume chlorophyll and many other nutrients through food naturally! On our menu, we provide many veggie-packed meals including options with spinach and herbs.

If you’re new here, Pure Plates, learn more about how our founders started the company here.

“Since we opened in early 2015, we have worked extremely hard to create a place for people to experience pre-portioned, health-conscious meals that are convenient, delicious and nutritious. Our preparation begins with the highest quality ingredients available. Our menu offers a wide selection of meals, drinks and snacks that are made fresh daily, portion controlled, and nutritionally balanced. 

Our meals are chef created with organically sourced produce, organic grains, clean meats free from steroids, hormones or antibiotics as well as fresh ground seasoning and spices (over 40 types to be exact). We cook only with organic extra virgin olive oil (under 400 degrees), organic avocado oil (under 500 degrees) and organic coconut oil. As for what is NOT in our meals… NO added sugar, NO Canola or Processed Vegetable Oils. Our entire menu is 100% GLUTEN FREE along with no preservatives AND our meals are NEVER frozen.”

Pure Plates not only provides you with healthier meal prepped meals and snacks straight to your door, but we help you to change your life by making healthy eating ridiculously simple. 

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*Featured image taken from Eat This, Not That