St. Louis's Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service

You can find virtually anything you want here in St. Louis: enjoy a leisurely riverboat ride down the Mississippi River, be a kid again at the City Museum, snap some tourist photos at the famous arch, sample unique local cuisine such as the ‘toasted ravioli’...and you can even find a healthy meal delivery service. A healthy meal delivery service in St. Louis? Yep. St. Louis (and its surrounding metro area) is home to a bustling culinary scene that’s making waves when it comes to both flavor and innovation.

If you’re into healthy eating, or looking to make some big waves in your own health and life, living in or around St. Louis can be a real advantage. While once upon a time steakhouses and Italian restaurants ruled the dining scene in St. Louis, some notable chefs (Gerard Craft, for example) decided to call St. Louis home and over time, a true ‘foodie’ haven was born. Today, you can find any kind of meal you can imagine -- from Vietnamese to Vegan to Keto and other healthy meals delivered to your door.

St. Louis Today: A Healthy City
Although St. Louis may still be known for some of our less-than-healthy local food delicacies such as the aforementioned toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, and ice-cream cones….we are quickly gaining steam for our thriving locally sourced foods and farm-to-table movement. Further, we are a city that cares about our health -- from what we eat, to how we exercise, to the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

If you want to change your diet, or make your diet easier to follow, you can find local resources right here in St. Louis that can help you achieve those goals. The first question, though, is how do you define a healthy meal? For some, their definition of a healthy may be prescribed by a doctor or medical practitioner. For others, healthy meals are whatever makes them feel good while providing the energy they need to get through a long or strenuous day. For still others, healthy meals may be defined based on a set of guidelines -- such as Organic, Vegan, Paleo, or Keto.

St. Louis Today: A Busy City
One of the greatest obstacles many healthy eaters face, whether it’s following doctor’s orders or going organic, are the many moving parts that go into eating healthy meals the majority of the time. Especially with a speciality diet such as Vegan or Keto, for example, the time to prep and prepare healthy meals can present a logistical problem and even stop would-be healthy eaters in their tracks. You may start the week with the best of intentions, and even do some meal planning and prep work -- but by hump day, you’ve thrown out the meal plan (and all the work that goes along with it) in lieu of delivering your work by the deadline or being able to attend your daughter’s soccer practices. For many of us, this is a cycle that leaves you feeling defeated: start the week strong, end on a sour note in a drive-thru line...again (and yes, there are lots of nicer restaurants around but dining out is simply not an option when you’re time crunched).

On a more positive note: the cycle of trying to eat healthy meals and ending up eating whatever is fast and easy can be broken. How? No, there isn’t a magic fairy who will give you an extra two hours a day. The first step to break the unhealthy eating cycle is admitting you aren’t superwoman or superman! If you can’t do it all, you can’t do it all (nobody can). Like an airplane that naturally dips from one side to the other, life isn’t perfectly balanced. Sometimes you will be so involved with or focused on one aspect of your life that you simply can’t give another part of your life the time and attention you’d like. The good news is that thanks to new meal delivery services, your health doesn’t have to suffer when you can’t spend enough time in the kitchen and at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

St. Louis Today: Healthy Meal Delivery
Just as St. Louis’s restaurant scene used to be comprised mainly of steakhouses, St. Louis meal delivery services were also kinda one-note (pizza or Chinese food, anyone?). Today, however, getting healthy meals delivered is a very real option. Once upon a time….not all that long ago….meal delivery service options offered largely frozen or even freeze-dried options (Schwan’s and Nutrisystem are examples). As more and more of today’s population wants to enjoy better health and longer lifespans, local meal delivery services for healthy meals are popping up across metro areas throughout the country.

So...what’s available in St. Louis for healthy meal delivery....and which local service is the best? As a healthy meal delivery service with locations throughout the St. Louis metro area, the Pure Plates team can’t truly give you a completely unbiased opinion on which service is the best -- but we can give you some pointers on choosing a quality service (whether you are in St. Louis or Montreal…):

1. Quality of Ingredients
We say this again and again in our blog: the quality of ingredients in prepared meals matters...big time. If a restaurant or meal service is cutting corners and using cheap products (canola oil is a red flag, for example) -- the food, and nutritional content suffers. Read more about the importance of quality ingredients here.

2. Quality of Service
Service is a key word for meal delivery services: the service should make life easier for you and work to support your lifestyle and health goals. If you find yourself having to jump through hoops for a service, that’s not a service: that’s a liability. Service starts with a seamless ordering process and ends with an easy-to-heat meal that tastes as good as it is nutritious.

3. Quality of Options
Like we discussed above, you shouldn’t have to adapt to a service’s limitations. If you want the Keto diet, for example, you should be able to get Keto. If you’re vegan, you shouldn’t have to choose between two meal options. Find a meal service that fully understands your unique needs and any special diets you are following -- and has a menu that offers you enough choice so you won’t get bored so you will stick with your lifestyle choices.

Bottomline? If you want help ensuring you eat healthy meals the majority of the time, a meal delivery service can do just that. St. Louis, thanks to our bustling culinary scene, already has some options. Pure Plates, for example, uses local and organic produce whenever possible -- we don’t cheap out on ingredients, we offer a variety of delivery and pickup options as well as endless flexibility for meal plans, and something for everyone -- from our Keto menu to our Diabetic menu to our vegan and paleo options.