Keto Meal Plan Delivery Service In St. Louis

Going as far back as the start of recorded history, there have been diet trends that come and go. In 1820, the poet Lord Byron, who struggled with his weight, made the water and vinegar diet famous. Elvis was rumored to have tried something called the sedation diet -- and the much-storied opera singer Maria Callas tried the tapeworm diet (we wonder what that meal plan looked like...yuck). The reason diets become trends, and not permanent solutions, is simple: they don’t withstand the test of time because they aren’t based on science, or they aren’t realistic -- or both. More alarming is that research has indicated that some of these so-called ‘fad diets’ could actually lead to health issues.  

Here in St. Louis, we’re not immune to the ebbs and flows of the health and diet industry either-- right now, for example, St. Louis has many vegan and vegetarian restaurants popping up. Not all new diet innovations and ‘trends’ are bad -- and some are based on science and do create positive and lasting changes for the people who follow them. The Keto Diet, for example, is becoming popular not just in St. Louis but around the globe. Although it’s certainly a topic of conversation around the office water cooler more these days, the Keto meal plan is nothing new.  

Keto Meal Plans are Not a New Concept
The Keto diet was first introduced in the 1920’s as a treatment for epilepsy due to the way the diet creates ketones which provide unique fuel for the entire body, including the brain. The Keto Meal Plan fell by the wayside after pharmaceuticals that could control epilepsy hit the scene in the early 1930’s  -- and started collecting dust. It was discovered when, in 1993, Hollywood director Jim Abrahams’s son Charlie was born with epilepsy that wasn’t responding to firstline pharmaceutical treatments. The family discovered that the Keto Meal Plan provided relief for little Charlie -- and that it could do the same for others for whom pharmaceuticals were not working. In response, they formed the Charlie Foundation to spread the word about keto meal plans. In the late ‘90’s, Meryl Streep starred in a film about the Abrahams’s journey through epilepsy and ketogenic therapy.

As word spread about the power of keto plans for epilepsy, the light began to shine on the other powerful ways in which following a keto meal plan can impact health -- from losing pounds on the scale to lowering unhealthy cholesterol and reducing blood sugar levels. Today, many devotees are spreading the message about keto meal plans to anyone who will listen (although, of course, the Keto diet may not be right for everyone and should be discussed with your medical provider).

Keto Meal Plans are Science-Based
How does the Keto meal plan differ from traditional diets and from fads? It’s based on science and manipulates the way in which your body burns the energy you consume. Instead of counting calories to lose weight -- and going hungry -- you switch what you eat and not how much. In doing so, you switch how your body burns energy and what it uses for fuel. The body burns the easiest energy source first: calories from carbohydrates. When the body burns through these carbs, it begins to burn calories from fat. When your body makes the switch fully, you’re in what is called ‘ketosis’ -- your body is creating ketones.

So, it's fairly simple to understand the concept behind keto: significantly/dramatically carbs (especially carbs that don’t serve much purpose such as refined starches), increase healthy fats -- in doing so, you force your body to start burning fat. Ketones begin rising in your blood levels -- and when you hit a threshold, voila: you’re in ketosis (of course, this is a nutshell explanation and you will want to work with your nutritionist and medical provider on the nuts and bolts of how to fully implement it).

Keto Meal Plans Deliver Powerful Results
When your body burns fat for fuel, amazing things can happen -- from weight loss to stable energy levels throughout the day. One of our customers here at Pure Plates
summed up her transformation after using one of our meal plans: “Before starting Pure Plates, I had 50 annoying health issues! They are all gone, I’ve lost 18 pounds, I’ve never felt better in my life…”

Though the Keto meal plan may sound easy enough at first glance (cut carbs, up healthy fats), it can be hard to stick to a true Keto meal plan, ensure nutritional quality and achieve the state of Ketosis necessary to really start feeling the full benefits. Why? Traditional American diets have long relied upon carbs as a staple -- and the fats we eat are usually the unhealthy kind (just take a look at St. Louis’s most popular food items...ahem.)

When you are conditioned to expect a certain type of food for so long (as most of us Americans have been), it can be overwhelming to not only make the leap -- but to find the time to meal plan, shop, prep, follow new recipes, and clean up -- especially if you have the typical outside life stuff going on. Research shows that the easier a diet is to follow, the more likely there will be results. While Keto isn’t exactly rocket science, the meal plans do require some work to ensure they are correct.

Keto Meal Plans Don't Have to be Hard
If you want to try Keto but lack the time investment -- or the interest -- or both...good news. Keto meal delivery services are popping up in St.Louis (
such as us here at Pure Plates) and, if you’re not in St. Louis, you can probably find one close to home. The big benefit of using a meal delivery service for keto meal plans is that they remove a major hurdle for you: stress. When you choose a delivery service to plan every meal (and the nutritional composition of each meal plan), to find the best produce, the most delicious recipes, and to do all the work of cooking and making these meals a reality for you -- you can just focus on adjusting to a new way of eating and seeing the results.

At Pure Plates, we take keto meal plans as seriously as you take your health: we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of ingredients or the care we put into each plan. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our preparation -- and we don’t cut corners when it comes to how we store your meals (in refrigerator-ready and easy-to-heat BPA containers that are recyclable). We offer a variety of different options because we know there isn’t one plan configuration that will work for everyone.

We offer three different meal plans for you to choose from, including the ‘full keto’ meal plan and the fat adapted meal plan. A typical day following our Full Keto Meal Plan could include a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, green beans for a quick snack, delicious Cajun Lime Tilapia for lunch, a lemon bar snack, a pre-dinner snack of Pot Roast (yes, Pot Roast!) and to cap off the day: Bruschetta Chicken for dinner.

Interested in getting started on a keto meal plan? Not sure where to start? You should speak to your medical provider about the change -- and find a nutritional team with whom to work. If you know you want some helping hands as you begin your journey, a Keto Meal Plan delivery service such as St. Louis’s Pure Plates may be the right choice for you (and, yes, we offer consultations to get your questions give us a holler).