Healthy Eating with a Busy Lifestyle

Healthy eating can be tricky, and adding a busy lifestyle into the mix can turn even the most dedicated healthy eater into someone who relies on fast food, convenience meals, microwave dinners, and other less healthy options. The good news is that being busy doesn’t have to mean abandoning your health and nutrition goals. Here are some tips to keep up with healthy eating with a busy lifestyle, including choosing a nourishing meal delivery service like Pure Plates

1. Plan ahead

Look at your schedule in advance and decide when you can or want to eat, and what you’ll have. Pure Plates makes this easy by allowing you to choose when your meal prep delivery will arrive. You can schedule your meals to be delivered during your less busy days so you always have a healthy and fresh meal ready for you on the days you can’t seem to catch a minute to yourself. 

2. Pack your lunch the night before. 

Many people struggle to eat healthy lunches during the work day. Whether it’s because you’re stuck in meetings all afternoon or just didn’t have the time to grab something in the morning, packing your lunch the night before helps you streamline your mornings so you never have to rush out the door empty handed. Using a meat prep delivery makes this even easier, as your healthy lunch is ready for you to throw in your lunchbox and eat as-is or heated up at work or school! 

3. Buy healthy convenience foods 

Having healthy food in the house means you’ll eat healthy food. Buy pre-cut and washed veggies, fruit, and individual packets of dips so you can grab and go. Packaged greens and salad kits are an excellent way to build healthy salads or sides without having to wash and chop your own lettuce. Canned and frozen beans, veggies, and fruit are excellent additions to your kitchen as they are versatile and can be stored for long periods of time. 

4. Prep individual snack bags 

Healthy snacks can help fuel your day, give you energy, and keep you feeling full so you aren’t reaching for the chip bag repeatedly. Prep your favorite vegetables, some nuts, or some cheese slices and pack them into zip-close bags so you can grab one and be set for the day. Or, add some of Pure Plates balanced snacks like the nut bars, cashew celery logs, or deviled eggs to your next order. These snacks are nutritionally balanced and are designed to give you that boost you need from your midday snack without weighing you down after. 

5. Put it in your calendar 

Are you the type of person who loves schedules and routines? Add lunch and snacks into your calendar or planner the same way you would schedule class or a meeting. Seeing it written down will help you remember to dedicate that time to eating, and will help you avoid working through lunch. 

6. Try a meal delivery service 

Meal prep is great, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the week to plan meals, grocery shop, and prep. That’s where a meal delivery service like Pure Plates comes in handy! The most time you have to spend is the time you take to pick your meals for the week. Everything else is handled by Pure Plates, including delivery and they also offer 5- or 30-day meal plans. And you can be confident your meals are healthy, because they’re made with fresh, local ingredients without preservatives. Pure Plates also created balanced meals with lean meats, whole grains, and lots of fruits and veggies so you know you’re balancing your nutrients. 

A busy lifestyle doesn’t have to impact your ability to eat fresh and healthy meals. A little bit of planning goes a long way, whether you’re scheduling meal time into your day, planning meals ahead of time, or relying on a meal prep delivery service to help you meet your goals.