Blood Sugar Control: Why Prepared Meals Will Help

If you have Diabetes Type-2 and you’re looking for greater blood sugar control, good news: you you can take some control through your diet and the meals you eat.

When you have Diabetes Type-2, you’re not alone: it is a major disease, in which blood sugar control gets out of whack, that is only rising across the nation and across the globe. Getting a Diabetes Type-2 (or pre-diabetes) diagnosis is scary and overwhelming. What should you eat? What can’t you eat? Which lifestyle changes can you incorporate to start feeling better and increase your longevity. Beyond the initial diagnosis period, there is then the everyday stress of taking on the management of your disease within all of the other parts of your life that don’t stop moving just because of your diagnosis.

A diagnosis of Diabetes is stressful but patients can take action

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends a diet that includes fruits, veggies, legumes (such as beans), whole grains, and low-fat dairy products while keeping a close watch on overall carbohydrate intake.

There is just so much information (and misinformation) online today about what’s healthy and what’s fact, there are even many jokes and memes about how confusing this over-saturation of information is.  It can be very difficult to sort what is truly healthy for a particular health issues such as Diabetes Type-2 (or pre-diabetes) and what is not...

A quick overview? Refined carbs are not good….pure sugar, for example, leads to a quick uptick in your blood sugar, which leads to a crash, which in turn exacerbates the existing insulin issues.

Unrefined carbs, such as whole grains and fruits, contain fiber which actually helps slow down how fast the sugar hits your bloodstream -- leading to less erratic insulin production. Though there are two kinds of fiber you may already be aware of (soluble and insoluble), it is soluble fiber which most helps to keep blood sugar under control and, as a result, can help prevent complications from diabetes. Whole grains have higher amounts of insoluble fiber; legumes such as beans, grains like oats, and, generally, fruits contain soluble fiber that you want more of to work on blood sugar control.

Magnesium is a key factor for many diabetics. Why?

Magnesium plays an important role in regulating insulin -- and many diabetics are low in magnesium. Foods that are rich in magnesium include almonds, spinach, brown rice, avocados, and bananas.

Where to start? Though there have been countless studies on what is best for diabetics to eat, a healthy diet that is easy-to-follow and sustainable which serves specific goals diabetics have is what has been consistently shown to be the best option for blood sugar control and overall health for diabetics.

Learning how what you eat can impacts your blood sugar control can lead to transformative changes in keeping your overall health under control. Just learning about what to eat, and what not to eat, isn’t, in itself, life-changing. What is transformative to your overall health is when you can take your knowledge and combine it with your practice.

How can you do combine knowledge with practice to really get your blood sugar under control...once and for all?

If you hop on Pinterest, you’ll see endless ideas for meal planning and even more specifically, planning meals for diabetics to help control blood sugar. It’s inspiring stuff to be sure, however, for many of us, the acts of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup is too much to add on to the already busy and overbooked lives so many of us have today (especially if you have anyone else in your family, such as children, who need special foods prepared).

Many people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type-2 find creative ways to add in foods they like but which are also inline with their health needs. They do this by working with their medical providers, nutritionists, and companies like ours here at Pure Plates in the greater St. Louis area. When you work with a team who can support you and your health needs, some of the stress and responsibility of your Diabetes Type-2 diagnosis gets lifted off your shoulders and is instead shared with experts who can help.

Here at Pure Plates, we help customers who have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type-2 or pre-diabetic conditions (in addition to many other health needs we help address, from Keto to Gluten Free). We believe that achieving health goals through optimal nutrition doesn’t have to be a solo project: you don’t have to take on the world in order to get healthy.

Working with our team of nutrition experts, we create meal plans that are delicious and check all the boxes necessary for healthy eating when you have Diabetes Type-2. We then shop for all of the necessary ingredients, always staying vigilant to purchasing and using only clean ingredients that are organic and local whenever possible. We don’t stop there: our chefs prepare amazing meals and dish them into ready-to-eat, ready-to-heat, BPA-free containers that fit perfectly in your refrigerator. You can pick them up at any one of our many locations, or you can simply choose to have them delivered straight to your door or office.

We offer deliciously healthy 5-day diabetic meal plans with a variety of rotating options to keep the flavor palette interesting each week. We have many diabetic customers who have achieved greater health and peace of mind using our meal plan, and they say that with our meal plans, they are getting their weight and blood sugar under control.

Examples of our delicious meal plan options for diabetics include our popular Pesto Salmon, Very Berry Crepes, and BBQ Pork with sweet potatoes (just to name a few). Snack options include lemon bars, coconut fudge, and cashew butter logs. Interested in learning more? You can check out our options here. From foods that help balance your blood sugar to foods rich in magnesium, our team ensure you get the very best meals to align with your health concerns and goals.

Though Pure Plates is located in the St. Louis metro area, you may be able to find a prepared meal plan near you from another retailer. To find the right meal plan provider, be sure to evaluate the quality of the ingredients used, the expertise of the staff with whom you interact, the variety of meal options...and, of course, the flavor and convenience factor.