A Local Keto Diet Menu Prepared & Delivered To You

Following the Keto diet menu for health and weight loss can be a powerful way to make big changes -- and complicated to learn and follow. Whether you’re new to Keto or you’ve been following it and seeing result -- and you want to save some time -- keep reading.

You can save some serious time each week by with prepared meals that adhere to the Keto diet menu and keep you on track with your health goals. In this article, we’ll quickly go over what the Keto diet and menu is, common problems dieters face, and how a meal delivery service can help solve these challenges (plus how to find one near you).

What is Exactly is the Keto Diet Menu?
When it was first introduced in 1921, the Keto diet was used primarily for one thing: to reduce seizures found in epilepsy for children. While it was once a firstline treatment for epilepsy, the pharmaceutical industry introduced first line medications that were effective and didn’t require all of the hoops the Keto diet menu requires of its followers. To this day, the Keto diet is still used when pharmaceutical modules fail to control epileptic seizures.

Today however, the benefits of the Keto diet across the spectrum of health have been discovered and the unique diet and the specific Keto-friendly menu dieters must follow are catching on quickly. Studies have demonstrated that the Keto diet helps create big changes for folks who want to lose weight and keep it off. While the Keto diet menu when employed to control symptoms of epilepsy follows a very exact ratio, for dieters and other health reasons the ratio may fluctuate and be more flexible (you’ll want to discuss exactly what is best for your particular needs with your healthcare provider).

The Keto Diet menu reduces daily carbohydrate intake to less than 5%-- and the calories a person would normally eat in carbohydrates is replaced by fats. This process forces the body to burn fat, and produce ketones. When the body produces ketones, ‘ketosis’ has been achieved.

The so-called ‘Modified Keto Diet’, with a macronutrient ratio of 2:1 - 1:1, was conceived to provide greater flexibility (and greater compliance) while reducing any digestive or nutrient deficits that go along with the Classic Keto menu. If you are interested in, or are already using, the Keto diet menu for weight loss - you may be following something similar to the modified keto diet. Even with the greater flexibility the modified Keto diet menu offers, however, keeping up with meal planning, shopping, prep, cooking -- and the cleanup -- is, most likely, a challenge.

After a long day of work, you may be tempted to pull up a takeout menu and order out -- or just try dining out. Going out to eat and finding something that can be prepared ‘Keto’ from the menu, can be tricky (if not impossible at some restaurants). Entrees with carbs as the base of -- such as pasta dishes -- are a clearcut no-no. Knowing what to avoid beyond obvious items on the menu is not exactly cut and dry: carbs can be sneaky. Breaded meats and vegetables are common and menus may not always identify them. For example, glazed-foods (such as glazed carrots) contain hidden sugar. In a pinch you may be able to find some menu items that can, more or less, be prepared Keto: burgers wrapped in lettuce (not buns) may work (watch out for what’s in the condiments) or low-carb salads (beware croutons and the ingredients in salad dressings), and whole foods (many of which you can find on-the-road at places like gas stations) such as string cheese, almonds, and apples.

If you want a long-term solution to the question of “what to eat tonight?” while following the Keto diet menu, you may be able to find a local service that can prepare and deliver your Keto meals straight to your door (especially if you are close to an urban area such as our stomping grounds here in St. Louis).

Keto Diet Menu Prepared & Delivered…Really?

Yes! To meet the growing demand as interest in the Keto menu keeps growing, some meal delivery caterers are stepping up to meet the demand. At Pure Plates, we are fully versed in the benefits of the Keto diet offer a variety of different Keto-compliant menus that vary according to your unique needs and preferences (such as ‘Full Keto’ and ‘Fat Adapted’).

A meal prep and delivery service, ideally, handles all the details of your diet’s menu for you -- all you need to do is enjoy your delicious meals. A local service, such as ours, should (in theory) be comprised of a team of nutritionists, chefs, and health nuts like us who are as passionate about your health goals as you are.

For example, our service is a one-stop shop: we do the meal planning, the food sourcing and shopping (we go with local and organic produce whenever possible), the prep, 100% of the cooking, and deliver Keto meals in easy-to-heat, recyclable, and BPA-free containers that fit easily into your refrigerator. If one reason you choose a meal service is to save time...look for a service that makes life easy for you.

How Does the Local Keto Diet Menu Prep & Delivery Service Work?

How exactly using a preparation and delivery service for the Keto diet works will, of course, depend upon which service you choose. Many meal delivery services offer easy online ordering, ongoing support from nutrition coaches, and delivery straight to you. You may choose to pay per meal, per week, or sign up for a monthly plan. Ideally, you should have a great deal of flexibility within your choices.

At Pure Plates in St. Louis, for example, you can start wherever you’re comfortable. You could schedule a free nutritional consult -- or if you already know what you want, choose from one of our many plans and menus. You can place your order online and schedule a delivery or pickup. See our Keto Meal Plans here

How Much Variety is there with a Local Keto Diet Menu Prep & Delivery Service?

There’s no hard and fast answer to this as how much variety you find on a menu for a local Keto diet prep/delivery service depends on the service itself. The Keto diet is as limited -- or as varied -- as the chef in charge of preparing your meals. Look for Keto menus that come with plenty of options as research shows that a major key to complying with a diet is having options available.

Our meal service gives our customers a variety of options -- from the ‘Cage Free Breakfast’ in the morning, the Cajun Turkey lunch... and the Bruschetta Chicken for dinner (plus snack menu choices that are one hundred percent Keto such as the Cherry Cacao Bars and Coconut Fudge.

How Do I Find a Local Keto Diet Menu Prep & Delivery Service?

To find a local meal prep and delivery service near you, you may want to start by simply asking around. Your doctor, nutritionist, trainer, or neighbor who suddenly looks and feels ten years younger after going Keto may be able to point you in the right direction. If you find a Keto prep and delivery online, be sure that the service is local and not shipping nationally. Next, be sure to check what their customers say -- both on the business’s website itself and via outside review channels such as Yelp.

To sum up, following the Keto diet menu may be a formidable challenge at first -- but the results can be life-changing. If you are currently struggling to keep up with Keto, or you want to get started but aren’t sure how, a prep and delivery service can bridge the gap between the theory of the Keto menu and real results.