The Best 5 Foods for Hair Growth

There are many foods that we can eat that impact our hair growth. Eating certain foods, for example, can help to promote hair growth, whereas nutrient deficiencies can result in stagnant growth.

Do you want your hair looking its best? Keep reading to learn how what you’re eating can affect your hair growth or lack thereof.

Nutrition and hair

Most people want strong and healthy hair, it’s normal to! This is especially true as we age. Unfortunately, many factors come into play for hair health such as genetics, overall health, and medications. While most of these are out of our control, diet is something that is in our control. We can control what we put into our body and therefore, focusing on nutrients that promote hair health is more important than ever for those wanting strong hair.

Hair loss

Some studies have shown that a deficiency in certain nutrients, such as vitamins B12 and vitamin are associated with hair loss. A lack of adequate  protein in the diet may also be associated with hair loss. Instead of being deficient in any certain nutrient, eating a balanced diet that has variety may provide you with the appropriate nutrients and recommended amounts so you can prevent hair loss. So you can have full clarity in foods to be consuming, we’ll dive into some of our go-to recommendations for hair healthy foods.


Foods to consume for strong, healthy hair

Eggs – Eggs have both protein and biotin. Protein is essential for hair growth, as we’ve previously stated, because hair follicles are made of protein! Biotin helps to make the hair protein keratin which can improve hair growth. Eggs are also packed with other nutrients such as zinc and selenium.

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Spinach – Spinach is packed with nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, that are beneficial for hair growth. Research shows that consuming adequate vitamin A is important for strong and healthy hair. Spinach also contains iron that aids in the growth and repair of hair follicles. Iron deficiency has been linked to hair loss.

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Salmon – Salmon contains high amounts of omega-3s, a healthy fatty acid. One study showed that omega-3 supplementation increased hair density. Salmon also has high amounts of protein and B vitamins which as we’ve discussed, also are linked to hair growth. 

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Avocados – Avocados contain a high amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can prevent oxidative damage. One study showed that vitamin E supplementation can improve hair growth.

Nuts & seeds – Nuts and seeds, including almonds, walnuts, and chia seeds, all contain high amounts of vitamin E. They also contain zinc and healthy fats which may promote healthy fats. 

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The bottom line

As you can tell, what you eat has a dramatic effect on not only your overall health, but also on your hair health. Therefore, focusing on the foods that will result in strong, healthy hair is crucial for those of you who have that as one of your goals. As research shows, a lack of the right nutrients, such as iron, protein, and B vitamins, may result in a slowdown of hair growth, or even hair loss! 

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