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Staying Accountable with Pure Plates

by Allison Tallman on

Accountability is one of the pieces of the puzzle necessary to reaching your health goal! Let Pure Plates take the work off of you by providing you with the most nourishing meals to help you to reach your long-term health goals. Read more

Sustainability and Buying Local with Pure Plates

by Allison Tallman on

Support local AND promote sustainability by eating healthy with Pure Plates! We discuss how important it is for the environment (and your wallet,) by going with a company like Pure Plates. Read more

Freshly vs Pure Plates

by Allison Tallman on

A comparison of two well known meal prepping services - Freshly vs. Pure Plates. We examine the cost, menu options, sustainability, and more! We won't ruin the surprise who we think is better.. but shhh it might be Pure Plates ;) Read more

No, You Don't Need To Meal Prep For Weight Loss (We'll Do It For You)

by Hannah Ash on

What is meal prep? Ask 20 people to define meal prep and you’ll end up with 20 different answers.  In this article, we’ll explore what meal prep is, how it helps weight loss, what the benefits are, what are the cons, and, maybe most importantly: what are some options for folks who simply don’t have the time, or patience, or both! Read more