How to Stop Bloating Fast

Bloating occurs when our stomach is filled with air or gas. We likely all know it far too well, maybe from over indulging at our favorite restaurant, eating foods like beans that make us feel gasey, or eating high-fat foods from on-the-go fast food. Whatever the cause, it can be helpful to understand how to get rid of bloating quickly so that we can feel better. Read on to learn some of our top tips from a registered dietitian. 

Determining the cause of bloating

The first step to combat bloating is to determine the root cause. Common culprits for bloating include digestive issues, diet, or hormonal fluctuations. Digestive issues can be anything from constipation, food allergies, or intolerances. Many people continue to eat the foods that make them feel sick. One example is someone with lactose intolerance. They may consume dairy-containing foods despite their intolerance and therefore feel bloated anytime they eat it. Chronic constipation is another cause of bloating. Constipation can be from inadequate fiber in the diet, medication usage, or other related health conditions. This usually causes bloating because stool becomes blocked up in the intestinal tract, causing discomfort. If you think that foods that you’re consuming or a current dietary pattern may be causing bloating, see a healthcare professional.


Another reason for bloating may be from your generalized diet alone (unrelated to food allergies.) For example, too much carbonation, or fizzy drinks, can cause extra gas in the stomach area. Too much salt or sugar is another reason. For many individuals, greasy and fried foods will cause bloating. 

Hormonal changes and fluctuations can also cause bloating. This can be during periods like menstrual cycles or menopause. During these hormonal shifts, water is retained and therefore bloating is increased.

Now that we’ve discussed possible causes of bloating, let’s go over some quick tips to help get rid of bloating quickly.

  1. Go for a walk

Physical activity can help to get the bowels moving, therefore releasing more gas and stool. Try walking at least 10 min a day to start.

  1. Try yoga

Certain yoga poses can position muscles in the stomach in a certain way that can release gas


  1. Take a warm bath

A warm bath can provide relief for the intense pain of bloating.

  1. Increase fiber gradually

Eating more fiber can help to prevent constipation and bloating. Both men and women typically do not obtain adequate fiber in their daily routine. Fiber comes from sources such as complex carbs, beans, nuts, and fruits and vegetables. Pure Plates meal delivery service can help you to increase fiber intake. They provide a plan for your health so that you don’t need to second guess about healthy eating.

  1. Eat consistently

Many individuals experience bloating immediately after an extremely large meal. It’s possible to avoid this after effect by eating smaller and less large meals. A lot of individuals each such large meals because they do not fuel their body enough or go long periods of time without eating. By consistently fueling your body, you’re likely to feel more energized throughout the day and less bloated. Pure Plates can take the prepping of those meals and snacks off of your plate, making it that much easier to focus on the other lifestyle factors mentioned in this article!

While bloating can be extremely uncomfortable in general, there are many things that you can do to decrease the risk of bloating from occurring to managing everyday bloating. Find what foods work best for you and your body. If you find that certain foods don’t “work,” or they make you feel more bloated, limit those foods in your everyday routine. Find lifestyle factors that make you feel better, including reduced bloating, and learn to incorporate them in your life. If you find that your bloating is extreme and that you can’t control it, seek help from your primary care physician.