Danger Looms: Don't Fall Victim to Dehydration in Sweltering Heat!

The summer is hot in St. Louis. The average high temp is 89 degrees, while the average low temp is 70 degrees. and we’re all sweltering out there! One thing that is crucial during your hot summer days is to make sure that you’re consuming enough water. During the summer, our body tries to cool down through the normal process of sweating. We therefore need to make sure that we replenish that water so we can optimize our health, feel our best, and continue to reach our health goals. There are many benefits of drinking enough water in the summer, which we will explore first. Then, we’ll discuss how to stick with your water intake and how Pure Plates can help.

Heart health

Staying adequately hydrated during the summer is important for many reasons, one of them being the health of our heart! Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. Dehydration lowers blood volume, forcing the heart to work harder to circulate our blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Improves our muscle efficiency

Dehydration can lead to muscle fatigue. This shows up as tiredness, soreness, or exhaustion. Drinking more water lubricates your joints and muscles, and can also help transport oxygen throughout the body to provide us with energy. This is especially important for those who are active and for those who are looking to build lean body mass or lose weight.

Better digestion

Fluid is important to help nutrients get through our digestive tract. You might be familiar with one of the big impacts of low water intake, constipation. Water therefore helps to move things through the digestive system and eliminate it. Water should be consumed before and after meals to improve the digestion of food.

Mental clarity

Drinking enough water can help us to think clearly, therefore improving our actions. This is mainly due to the fact that water helps the transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Research shows that those who don’t consume enough water can’t think clearly.

Regulates body temperature

Water also helps to regulate body temperature. While overall this may not seem that important, during hot summer months, it really is! Our body self regulates its own temperature by sweating, and like we’ve mentioned, we need to replenish those water stores in order to function properly.

How to meet your water requirements

Most individuals need about 64 fl oz, or 8 cups, of water per day. This requirement increases by 1 cup of water for every 30 min of working out that you do each day. It also increases if you live in a particularly hot climate since you are likely going to sweat more. 

For some, meeting at least 8 cups of water per day can be tricky! There are some key strategies to implement to make water consumption part of your normal routine. In general, sticking to a routine can help you to stay true to your water goals. You might be a creature of habit and if so, this tip is especially important for you! Set a timer for yourself, or a calendar reminder, to drink water. Have water by your side during the work day, and have a fun water bottle to make drinking water more accessible. Some claim that having a water bottle with a straw makes it easier to drink 8 glasses per day.

If drinking 8 glasses of water sounds impossible for you, try drinking flavored water that has no calories or sugar. You can also flavor your own by using lemon, lime, or basil. Non-caloric seltzer water is also an option.

Foods high in water can also contribute to your 8 glasses per day! While it’s impossible for most individuals to count how much water they consume through food, remind yourself that choosing foods high in water does contribute to your daily needs. Some foods high in water are melon, berries, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, and orange. Pure Plates also offers foods high in water, such as the examples given, plus lots more! Check out our full menu, plus some of our newest summer items, here.