Turkey and Spinach Lasagna

gluten free, high protein, low carb, low glycemic, soy free


nutritional info

  • Fat:  g
  • Carbs:  g
  • Protein:  g
  • Fiber:  g
  • Sodium:  mg
  • Sugar:  g

This lasagna looks like springtime on a plate! We’ve packed it full of nutritious spinach, artichoke hearts, and crushed tomatoes, then we’ve boosted the protein with juicy ground turkey and grated white cheddar. And the pasta layers? We use brown rice tortillas as a delicious and fiber-rich substitute. Guaranteed to become a house favorite!

Ingredients: crushed tomatoes, ground turkey, brown rice tortillas, organic spinach, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, cheddar cheese, organic cream cheese, spinach, white onions, parmesan cheese, garlic, balsamic vinegar, organic Greek yogurt, organic extra virgin olive oil, basil, fresh, water, parsley, chic pea aquafaba, basil, dried, oregano, black pepper, lemon juice, thyme, pink Himalayan salt, California garlic pepper, dried mustard