Chicken Fajita Roll Up

anti inflammatory, gluten free, high protein, low glycemic, soy free


nutritional info

  • Fat:  g
  • Carbs:  g
  • Protein:  g
  • Fiber:  g
  • Sodium:  mg
  • Sugar:  g

Savor our Healthy Fajita Chicken Wrap—grilled chicken breast, vibrant multicolored bell peppers, and Vidalia onions wrapped in wholesome brown rice tortillas. Topped with a zesty blend of chipotle salsa, tomatoes, and red onions. Drizzled with vegan mayonnaise, organic extra virgin olive oil, and a citrusy infusion of lemon and lime juices. A fiesta of flavors awaits.

Ingredients: chicken breast, brown rice tortillas, vegan mayonnaise, multicolored bell peppers, Vidalia onions, tomatoes, chipotle salsa, red onions, organic extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, jalapenos, cilantro, roasted granulated garlic, lime juice, onion powder, pink sea salt, red wine vinegar, chili powder, water, spices