Store Manager

Now Hiring – Store Manager

Pure Plates is Hiring a Store Manager for our Kirkwood store. This means you will be the HMFIC. If you don’t know what that means, google it.   

If you like breaking barriers, chatting up the customers and kicking some serious A$$ then now is the time to join our small army of Purple Cows! 

We’re gonna be completely honest though, if any of the following apply to you, then we’ll just save you the time and energy and say “move on”

  • You think protein shakes are healthy
  • You think “following your macros” is the only way to eat healthy
  • You use the word “bro” in every day conversation
  • You think GMO’s are “no big deal”
  • Your idea of dessert is a great tasting protein powder
  • The only belt you own is a weightlifting belt.

Our philosophy on nutrition is based on hard scientific facts and studies that were not paid for by the companies trying to sell products that the study supports. What this means is that if you love helping people change their lives and their health, we will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

This isn’t some job ad where we will talk about “customer satisfaction.” Because let’s be honest, “satisfaction” is worthless, but “loyalty” is priceless. It is the highest form of friendship and commitment.

It’s getting harder and harder to go to any local business to spend your money and not get ticked off (or at least disappointed) at the level of service received. Translation- If you’re inattentive, busy on your phone and don’t put their needs first, they’ll get angry (and quite frankly we would too).

  1. So the A1 priority at this job will be a ridiculously good communicator who put others interests above your own. This means, when a customer walks in the door or calls the store, you treat them like they just won the lottery and make them feel like they are the cat’s meow. It means people should look forward to coming into the store to hear your greeting and great conversation.
  1. Secondly, you’ll help customers understand and apply “healthy” eating to their lives. Because most people’s perception of “healthy” these days is “subway” and “smoothie king” and we all know that’s a load of garbage. This isn’t fitness-based nutrition where meal replacements and protein shakes are the norm, it’s REAL nutrition based on eating whole foods that not only help people feel and look good, but live longer and counteract disease. Get it?
  1. Thirdly, understanding details and paying attention to them will be your Jedi like responsibility. This means you’re leading the team, managing schedules, managing inventory, maintaining store standards and meeting goals. Sounds like a coach right? Well that’s pretty much what you’ll be…a motivating, high standard having leader of some young punks (not really, but sort of)

In terms of education requirements, let’s just put it this way: Formal education and diploma’s will earn you a living, but self education and real on-the-job experience will earn you a fortune. You will decide how much of a fortune you will earn by how much self education and the work ethic you apply. It’s that simple.

Sound like job you would own? 


One of the Hallmarks of a Pure Plates team member is a tremendous first impression and when it gems to hiring, we expect no different.  

So we encourage you to take your time when applying. 

A sloppy or brief application won't get past this stage of the process. 

If you feel that you have what it takes to join our team please fill out the form below.

If we feel that you don’t suck, we will follow up with you for a phone interview.