Rosemary Chicken Salad

gluten free

If you’re after a savory snack, nothing beats a mini chicken salad. We give this dish a flavor boost by roasting the chicken breast with aromatic rosemary and tossing it with chopped onion, organic apple, and fresh herbs. Then we blend it with a low-fat mayonnaise made from yogurt, Dijon mustard, and fresh lemon juice. Use the rice crackers and celery sticks as tasty dipping spoons.

  • Cal: 238
  • Protein: 21g
  • Carbs: 9g
  • Fat: 12g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Sugar: 2g
  • Sodium: 594mg

Ingredients: chicken breast, celery sticks, Greek yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, crackers, almond nut thins, lemon juice, organic apples, onions, red, chic pea aquafaba, Dijon mustard, Himalayan salt, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, pink Himalayan salt, dried mustard



nutritional info

  • Fat:  g
  • Carbs:  g
  • Protein:  g
  • Fiber:  g
  • Sodium:  mg
  • Sugar:  g