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Top 3 Reasons to Take Collagen

by Allison Tallman on

Collagen is a trendy word in the health and wellness realm that is often mentioned but not talked about enough. In this article, we go into what collagen really is, the top 3 things it’s good for, and how to make sure you are getting adequate amounts! Read more

The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

by Allison Tallman on

We're always hearing the term "plant-based" these days. What does this really mean and how does it impact our health? Learn more here! Read more

What You Should Know About Low Sodium Meals

by Allison Tallman on

Low-sodium meals - what this means, how it might benefit your health, and more! Pure Plates offers low-sodium meals that can be beneficial for the health of many Americans. Read more

Now You Can Have a Heart Healthy Meal Plan Delivered in St. Louis

by Hannah Ash on

If you’re concerned about your heart’s health, you’ve probably heard about the power of making dietary changes to improve outcomes or reduce risk factors. Heart disease may be the number one cause of death in the United States, but there are many dietary changes that can change outcomes and even... Read more