How to Detox Like a Boss

Detox meal plans and detox diets: we hear about them all the time lately. Afterall, we live in the age of information right now (thanks to the Internet), and it seems that as soon as a new meal plan or diet comes out, your office co-worker or next door neighbor is already on it.

What exactly is a “Detox Meal Plan”?

First, let’s dive into what it means to detox in the first place. According to the Merriem Webster dictionary, ‘detox’ means the process of removing yourself from addictive or intoxicating substances, and in terms of one’s diet, Merriem Webster says this: “a regimen or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body”.

So, in a general sense, to ‘detox’ means the process of eliminating substances from your body that maybe aren’t all that great for you or that you no longer need. And, if you’ve ever watched Supersize Me, in which a documentary filmmaker consumes nothing but fast food and watches as medical tests reflect declining health,  you’re already aware that food can be psychologically addictive and harmful to one’s health.

Detox Like a Boss: Change Your Meals to Transform Your Health
Think you may need to detox and change your meal plan to something healthier?

Your answer may be yes if you’ve been told you need to make changes from a medical health professional, or you are aware what you’re eating isn’t the healthiest -- and maybe you’re just ready to feel healthier and enjoy more energy.

Changing your diet, and detoxing from foods that aren’t supporting your health, can help across a wide array of health issues, for example: Type 2 Diabetes to Gluten Sensitivity, weight loss and weight management, hypoglycemia, and digestion problems (and the list goes on).

It makes sense: that age-old expression ‘you are what you eat’ is backed by data, peer-reviewed studies, and old-fashioned common sense. The China Study, for example, was ground-breaking research that made direct linkages between diet and cancer. It’s good and bad news: what we eat directly impacts our health, for better...or worse.

Trying to lose weight? Fried dough probably isn’t going to help you do that. Trying to take care of yourself with Diabetes Type 2? A sugary cake won’t do you many favors. 

Detox Like a Boss: Beware of Fads
Although changing what you eat can be incredibly beneficial to your health, buyer beware: detox fads and crazes are just that...fads. 

Unfortunately, there are far too many ‘detoxification’ plans that so-called health gurus claim in the next best thing since penicillin. In the name of health, people may take far too many vitamins and supplements, severely restrict foods and liquids for days at a time, engage in dangerous levels of fasting, abuse laxatives, or some combination of the above.

Further, some of these so-called detox meal plans could lead to a depletion of the essential vitamins and minerals, or micro-nutrients, that your body needs for optimal functioning and recovery from any health issues.

Detox Like a Boss: Safety is Key
Safety is a concern with any diet or meal plan...but especially with many of the trendy “detoxification” plans today.

Not every player in the billion-dollar health industry has the best of intentions. The FDA has taken action against some of these players when they’ve discovered their detox plans actually contain ingredients that are downright harmful.

Aside from harmful ingredients in so-called detox cleansing plans, some ingredients can be harmful even though they are organic and well-regulated. For folks with kidney issues, for example, drinking juices that are high in oxalates can create serious issues.

Any kind of extreme detoxifying meal plan really needs to be discussed with and approved by your nutrition professional -- after all, your health is your number one most valuable asset.

Detox Like a Boss: Pay Close Attention to Quality
Though the diet industry may be plagued by companies out there looking to make a quick buck, the good news is that there are lots of good guys and great detox meal plans that really can help you kickstart the new, healthier you.

Look for companies that offer products and services informed by sound nutrition informed by science and cutting-edge research, not fads and viral posts. Pay attention to the ingredients (for example, here at Pure Plates whenever possible we use organic and local produce), and ask about the “why”...what is the company’s philosophy? Are they just interested, for example, in weight loss or are they seeking to help you get healthier for a sustained period of time?

At Pure Plates here in St. Louis, we believe in the power of food so much that our meal plans (and detox meal plans) go beyond just the basics. We are nutrition geeks and we’re obsessed with helping customers throughout the St. Louis area achieve optimum health through the power of nutrition.

We take the art and science of good nutrition very seriously. You won’t find any fad detoxification diets with us...but you will find meal plans full of delicious, cleansing, good-for-you foods and flavors that make getting healthy, and staying healthy, a whole lot easier to achieve.

At Pure Plates, we offer a variety of different meal plans to accommodate a variety of needs and health goals. Our “Five Day Keto” helps give you a jumpstart to get into ketosis -- without the calculators, and without the calorie counting or confusion (and we also have long-term keto meal plans as well).  Our diabetic meal plans empower you to manage your diabetes with delicious, healthy meals designed to keep you on track with your health goals.

Our 5-Day Revive and 30 day meal plans give you all the calories and flavors you need, with none of the stuff you don’t. With these meal plans, you can gently detox off unhealthy foods and enjoy fresh, delicious meals prepared by our team of health and kitchen geeks.

If you’re not local to the St. Louis area, but you want to detox off unhealthy patterns of eating, look for a meal plan provider that is local to you (find a provider by asking a nutritionist, your doctor, or even the staff at your fitness facility).


If you want to detox like a boss, throw out the idea of a quick fix. The best way to achieve true detoxification is through clean, pure foods and long term changes to your meal plans. Meal plan providers, such as Pure Plates, can help.