Healthy Senior Meal Delivery is Difficult to Find….Until Now

When you’re a senior, you want to eat healthy meals...and, a delivery service makes everything so much easier for everyone. Unfortunately, however, finding healthy senior meal delivery has been difficult...until now.

Why are healthy meal delivery options important? Seniors have a host of life changes and new obstacles to face — from mobility issues, to medical appointments, to caretaking, to transitioning to retirement, to finally spending time with friends, children, and grandchildren. Because of all that seniors today face, it only makes sense that they want to eat the healthy meals that can help extend their time and health — and they want to save time because, after all is said and done, time is the most valuable asset of all.

Grocery shopping and meal planning is time consuming for busy seniors

If you’re in the St. Louis area and you are a senior (and there are a lot of you out there - 36% of households in St. Louis are headed by seniors), or you’re looking for healthy meal delivery for a senior, you’re probably wondering what your options are, what is affordable, and how complete the meal delivery options are (as in: do you need to cook the meal or is it ready to heat). Further, you may be following a special diet such as one meant for diabetics and need to find healthy meal delivery that’s not just healthy but also works for those fighting diabetes.

If any of the above sounds like you right now, keep on reading...

Why Seniors Need Healthy Meals
Well-balanced diets and eating healthy meals is important at any age, however, as we age, healthy meals and eating becomes even more important. Not only does eating the right meals help you keep your weight healthy, the foods you choose help keep your energy levels up and provide you with the nutrients you need for sustained health.

Another important point: as you age, your risk of developing health conditions goes up (heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes are all examples). The foods you eat can help prevent and/or minimize the impact of chronic health conditions upon your daily life and long term and overall health outlook.

Why Seniors Need Healthy & Easy Meal Delivery
Although eating healthy is a must for seniors who want to make the most out of the best years of their lives, it’s not always as easy as buying the right foods and eating them. Cost, availability, mobility, time, and meal planning are all obstacles that can prevent a senior from eating the meals they need to maintain optimum health. 

Many seniors have been used to planning meals for groups of 2, 3, 4, or even 6. When that number changes for a variety of reasons (children leave the nest, loved ones pass on, life changes require moves), planning for just one or two people can be an incredibly difficult adjustment. Seniors may be used to buying food in bulk to save on costs — but when they only have a couple mouths to feed, buying healthy foods in bulk can lead to waste and increased, but avoidable, costs.

An unavoidable fact of getting older is this: that the folks around us, or even ourselves, develop significant care needs. We may find ourselves rushing from one doctor’s appointment to another for ourselves, visiting a rehabilitation facility for a loved one, and taking our own parents to their dental appointments. That’s a lot of activity, and time out of the kitchen, for our golden years. Throwing in the seemingly herculean task of healthy meal planning into the mix and you have a recipe for late night fast food runs and frozen pizzas.

Healthy senior meal delivery can be a game changer. Instead of having one more thing to worry about at the beginning or end of a long day, seniors can simply heat up a perfectly proportioned, diet-specific, and delicious meal — and enjoy it. No dishes to wash, no recipes to shop for, no empty calories to lead to health issues down the road.

What are the Options for Healthy Senior Meal Delivery?
If you’re in the St. Louis area, like we are here at Pure Plates,  you have some options beyond just fast food and unhealthy frozen foods:

  • Meal kits that can be bought nationally or even at local grocers: these meal kits contain all the ingredients necessary for making a meal. Though this helps seniors skip out on the time-consuming process of planning a recipe and shopping for all the ingredients, it’s not necessary the most cost effective or viable long term solution.

  • Local restaurants do offer healthy meals right here in St. Louis — and if the restaurants don’t directly deliver, Grubhub or UberEats probably do. This is a great short term solution that works particularly well in a time of crisis — but long term, it’s expensive and not idea as it’s not automatic, restaurants that are healthy don’t always cater to specific diets or mind their salt content (an important consideration for seniors)

  • Senior options such as Meals On Wheels may be an option if eligible, however, getting foods that cater to specific diets could be an ongoing challenge.

  • Pure Plates, a local healthy meal delivery service, caters to many seniors who want the health benefits of eating right without the stress, hassle, and expense that often goes along with it. Many of our seniors follow specific diets, such as those for Diabetes Type 2, and enjoy how easy (and delicious!) Pure Plates meals are. Because all of our healthy meals are prepared locally here in St. Louis, and sourced whenever possible using local and organic produce, our seniors feel good about choosing Pure Plates over another vendor or even local restaurant. Because we understand busy lifestyles and obstacles no matter the stage of life our clients are in, we deliver our meals straight from our kitchen to your front door (or you can pick up your meals at one of our many nearby locations). Our meals are served in easy-to-heat, BPA-free, and recyclable containers that store easily in your refrigerator...and yes, we also deliver an array of healthy and senior-friendly snacks (so no more late night raiding the unhealthy snacks in the pantry). 

Bottom line? If you’re a senior on-the-go and you know you need to eat the right foods to truly take care of your health, consider a healthy senior meal delivery service such as Pure Plates. Though take-out foods and meal kits may fill a temporary need, sustained lifestyle changes require sustained support.

Whether you’re busy with medical appointments, care taking, golfing, grandchildren, friends, and hobbies, there’s one thing every senior knows they need to do: stop putting their nutrition last. If you’d like to find out more about how Pure Plates in St. Louis (and the metro St. Louis area) can help you with healthy meal delivery, we’d love to chat. You can browse some of our meals here, check out our diabetic meal plans here, reach out to a human being (not an automated service) here, or learn more about our company, and the people behind it, here. We look forward to helping you take charge of your long term health, one healthy and delicious delivered meal at a time!