10 ways to focus on your healthy eating habits this Fall

With Fall just around the corner (September 22nd!), we thought it might be helpful to discuss some ways that you can focus on your healthy eating with this season change. Maybe this comes at the perfect time as summer is ending and you’re feeling lost in your progress, or maybe you’ve been crushing your health goals so far this season and are looking for your next health challenge. 

With a new season comes new flavors and new activities. We go from pool time and grilling to more time spent on the couch watching football. And as the weather is changing, we’re more likely to stop craving fresh flavors and fruits to wanting heartier, warm dishes. This is natural, as foods provide a sense of nostalgia and comfort for us.

So, as we gear up for the change in seasons, let’s focus on 10 different ways that we can focus on our healthy eating habits this fall.

Do a summer clean up

If you’re anything like us, your pantry is PACKED with unorganized shelves filled with half used products. You’ll likely even find some products that you didn’t know you had in there, and likely some doubles or triples of items (like chocolate chips, for example). Go through your pantry and take inventory to see what you have. If there’s items that you will never use, toss them or donate them to your favorite pantry, if able. By taking inventory of what you have, you can also feel inspired to make certain dishes, or find new recipes that will use those certain products. 

Clean your oven

Summertime eating calls for more grilling and lots of raw, fresh ingredients. When we transition to fall, we’re likely to cook more inside and use our oven more. Clean your oven! It’s probably been a while.

Do research on fall recipes

Find recipes that excite you and suit your interest. If you’re a big college football fan, gear up with recipes that are perfect for a crowd. Find flavors that you’ve been craving or have nostalgia over. We love chilis, soups, and crockpot dips. 

Pure Plates is always coming out with new dishes that align with each season – check out our Newest Items section.

Think about what’s in season 

Purchasing food that’s in season can benefit you in many ways. First, foods that are in season are more likely to be fresh since they were likely picked sooner. With their freshness, they’re also more likely to taste even better! Chefs around the world use in-season produce for this reason. In season produce also can be cheaper. We love shopping at the local Farmer’s Market for in season produce. It gives you and your family an activity, while also supporting local! 

If purchasing foods (and then also cooking,) overwhelms you or you don’t have the time, Pure Plates can take care of this for you. Our food is locally sourced when in season. 

Consume lots of whole grains

Whole grains help to keep us full, promote healthy digestion, and give us energy. Whole grains can be incorporated in a variety of ways like in a grain bowl or in a soup. We love quinoa, brown rice, or millet. 

Focus on healthy fats

Healthy fats keep us full and promote brain health. You can find healthy fats in foods like avocado, olive oil, nuts, and salmon. We love these Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake bars which use walnuts as a healthy fat.

Don’t forget the water

Although we might not be as hot anymore, hydration is still just as important as it was in the summer. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you usually forget, try setting a timer on your phone every few hours, or downloading a hydration tracking app. You can also focus on water-dense foods, such as 

Use a variety of spices

Fall gets us excited for all of the fall foods, but also all of the spies! Use spices in your dishes to make them more flavorful, while also potentially adding some additional health benefits to it. For example, consuming ginger may promote gut health.

Get in your favorite fall movements

As the weather is cooling down and it’s not TOO cold yet, now is the best time to get in your favorite outside movements! Set fitness goals for yourself to spend more time moving and less time sitting. Going for walks, playing outside with your kids, or planning family hikes are some of our favorites. 

Sneak in greens when you can

Fall calls for soups and chilis, which gives you the perfect opportunity for sneaking in some fall greens! We love adding spinach, kale, or Swiss chard to our hearty dishes because you will barely notice that they are in there, but you’ll still get the nutritional benefits.

No matter your favorite fall flavors or preference when it comes to fall cooking, focusing on your health should continue to remain a priority. Changing seasons can be tough on some, so we’re here to make it easier for you by providing delicious and nourishing meals straight to your door.