Quinoa Vegetable Bowl

anti inflammatory, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian


nutritional info

  • Fat:  g
  • Carbs:  g
  • Protein:  g
  • Fiber:  g
  • Sodium:  mg
  • Sugar:  g

To get a wide range of nutrients in your diet, you’ve got to eat all the colors of the rainbow. Luckily, you’ll find almost all of them in this bowl! We sauté a medley of sweet carrot, zucchini, baby spinach, and red bell pepper, then we stir in a generous portion of nutty, high-protein quinoa. Perfect as a light lunch or hearty side.

Ingredients: low sodium vegetable stock, red bell peppers, zucchini, cauliflower, shredded carrots, quinoa, organic extra virgin olive oil, white onions , garlic, kale, water, fresh parsley, thyme, erythritol sweetener, rosemary, pink Himalayan salt, rice vinegar, black pepper, crushed red pepper