Spicy BBQ Meatballs

anti inflammatory, gluten free, high protein, kid approved, soy free


nutritional info

  • Fat:  g
  • Carbs:  g
  • Protein:  g
  • Fiber:  g
  • Sodium:  mg
  • Sugar:  g

Who doesn’t love meatballs? We make them high-protein and low-fat by using lean turkey, fresh organic eggs, and almond flour, then we roast them until golden and top them with our special BBQ sauce. A side of sugar snap peas and creamy coleslaw add freshness and crunch.

Ingredients: ground turkey, cabbage, sugar snap peas, white onions, almond flour, tomato paste, vegan mayonnaise, cage free eggs, shredded carrots, honey, erythritol sweetener, tapioca flour, champagne vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, 6 pepper seasoning, California garlic pepper, smoked paprika, organic extra virgin olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, lemon pepper seasoning, parsley, black pepper, onion powder, water, garlic powder, cardamom, white pepper, marjoram